Combat Cyberthreat Map is the visual representation of the overall threat-related data gathered by HackerCombat from across all the world.

The threat map aims at helping people understand the challenges posed by cyber attacks by forming a better understanding of the raw data behind cyber attacks. It's also part of our endeavor to fight against cyber threats, minimize threats and their impacts and thereby better prospects for all companies and organizations across the world.

To be noted

  • We seek to be as comprehensive as possible about the data, though most of the time the picture given would be incomplete due to obvious technical reasons.
  • The information is collected anonymously and wouldn't include identifying information of the attackers or victims involved.
  • The source of an attack may sometimes be impossible to detect with precision as it could very often be spoofed.
  • In case of botnets, the attack traffic might seem to come from the region that hosts the zombie networks and not from the place from where the botnet is actually controlled.

Despite such limitations, HackerCombat uses its expertise and experience to be as precise and comprehensive as possible, and seeks to contribute to fighting against threats and cyber attacks very effectively.


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