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Digital Forensic Tools Availability in the Nutshell

3 Digital Services That are Changing Finance for the Better

Taking control of your financial situation used to be a lot of footwork and largely something reserved for those able to afford premium services. Like much of the financial and…

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Endpoint Detection and Response Emerging Technology

4 Technology Challenges Faced by Entertainment Industry in 2024

The Entertainment industry is one of, if not the biggest money-spinning industry in the world today, catering to an audience of over a billion people. The media and entertainment industry…

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Open EDR
Social Media scaled

How Technologies Changing Social Media for the Better

We live in a tech-filled world. Everywhere we look, we see the effects of technology. When it comes to our personal lives, social media, and technology, they have changed our…

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How to Track Husband’s Phone Without Touching It

Are you concerned your husband is taking a detour whenever he goes to work or leaves the workplace? Technology now makes it easy to track all his movements through his…

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Death Of Coinhive Status Of Cryptojacking Malware 1

Hackers Steal $49 million in Cryptocurrency Exchange Upbit Ethereum

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit today said hackers could steal $49 million in Ethereum. On 27 November, the crypto-coins were moved from Upbeat Ethereum Hot Wallet to an unknown wallet,…

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Everyday Mistakes In A Firm That Promotes IT Risks

What is the Future of Cybersecurity?

We all know of the exponential growth of cybercrimes. The question now is, how do we stay ahead of a possible data breach? Some experts in the commercial real estate…

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Malicious Torrent GoBotKR Targets South Korean TV

Malicious Torrent GoBotKR Targets South Korean TV

ESET researchers detected an ongoing malicious campaign by distributing backdoor torrents, using Korean TV content, and sometimes games like bait. The back door is spreading through torrent sites in South…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Based Proxy

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud-Based-Proxy

Sometimes, something that is risky is the safest action. For example, no safe, undisturbed driver will deviate from the double yellow line. However, pedestrians may do so when there is…

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Changing Your DNS Server

Changing Your DNS Server: Why and How You Should It

If you do not know which DNS server you are using, chances are you are using your ISP server and you can do better? Changing your default DNS server can…

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Web Proxy for the Common User

Attempting to Define Web Proxy for the Common User

This is an introductory kind of post, wherein we seek to explain web proxy in as simple a manner as we can…. Let’s begin with the definition… Yes, let’s define…

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