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North korean Hackers

How to Drive Maximum Value from Automation Testing?

The results of a survey published in Forbes stated that 56% of CEOs have seen that digital developments in their company have contributed to an increase in revenue. Efficient and…

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Does Banning China made Network Devices Secures The United States

What’s the difference between a good developer and great developers?

Hello, my friend! How are you? I hope you are very well. Summer is coming and everything is good. So I have great news. Today you will read an important…

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Open EDR
Bad Actors Still Raking Profit From Ransomware 1

How Do You Get Ransomware?

You must have known enough that ransomware has emerged as the most prevalent malicious software that kidnaps your data, locks your file, and denies access to your computer. All this…

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After hacking data theft European Central Bank closes its website

How To Mend The Damage Caused To The Site By A Hacker?

Are you aware of the fact that, on average, 30,000 new websites get hacked daily? Yes, this is true, and the second thing that is going to shock you is…

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Minnesota Man Charged for Employing ‘Hacker for hire’ to Target Local Business Website

Best 4 Apps to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Phone Without the Target Phone

If you think your boyfriend might be cheating on you, or you need to check who he is talking to when you are not around, you can use different programs…

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SSL Traffic

Researcher: Identifying non-decryption DNS-Over-HTTPS traffic

Apparently, without even decrypting it, DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) traffic can be detected, a security researcher has discovered. The aim of the DoH protocol is to improve the overall Internet security by…

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Patient’s life is at risk as pacemakers are vulnerable to cyber attack

Singapore Firms Struggling To Keep Up With Software Patches

Yes, you read it right! Organizations in Singapore are struggling to cope up with the volume of software patches. According to new research released by ServiceNow, Inc has, this year…

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Why Is Cloud Encryption Really Important

Steps to Follow in Implementing a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

If you want to boost usability, increase conversions, improve bounce rates, and rank higher on search engines, you must consider site speed. However, before we go any further, you must…

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Kazakhstan Government Filtering Civilian Internet Browsing

Kazakhstan Government Filtering Civilian Internet Browsing

North Korea, China, and Iran, just three countries that we can easily remember as having government regimes that seriously censor the Internet. These territories implement state-level Internet traffic filtering that…

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The Future of Web Filtering in the Era of 5G Networks 1

The Future of Web Filtering in the Era of 5G Networks

Security professionals and network administrators today are concerned with securing fifth-generation (5G) networks from digital dangers. Of the different technologies that they use very effectively for safeguarding 5G networks, DNS…

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