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Black List Checking
The website becomes obsolete if it is infected with malware and added to the list of 'blacklisted' website.
There are dozens of tools available to check for blacklisting, but only a few tools that help you get the result fast and accurately.
Phishing is a sort of online scam to collect information such as user account credentials, bank details, and more that are sent through the electronic communications.
Back Door
Backdoors are critical because they allow access to admin even after the vulnerability is fixed that led to the hacking of the website. You can detect your website if it has a backdoor entry and other vulnerability on malware scanner.
A Trojan has very peculiar characteristics, it masks itself as a genuine file, but the content in it is always malicious with the intention to steal data and other confidential files. You can check your website if it has a code that has Trojan planted somewhere.
Suspicious Code
Suspicious code is code that will add as malware practices to your existing source code & It can be found in your website templates, themes, plugins, & also in database. It will create malicious activity in your website.
Malware Download
Malware is (potentially) well-written software, indistinguishable from any other piece of code until it performs a malicious act. Allowing files with an unknown security profile to run on a system with unfettered, uncontrolled access.
Malware Scanner is a free online tool where you can scan your website for any malware, hidden codes, iframes, any vulnerabilities etc. The scanning is done in a way that the tool performs a deep digging weaving across the length and breadth of the website and even external links.

Our advanced malware scanner helps you get a detail report on the status of your website if it is affected by any notorious code, and alerts the business owners to take immediate action. The online scanner also warns the owners about the possibility of their website getting blacklisted due to various security threats.

Is My Website Hacked?

Websites being hacked is not a rare occurrence. It happens in plenty and you are not alone. A hacked website displays certain symptoms that help you confirm whether my site has been hacked.

Typical Symptoms of a Hacked Website

  • The website gets blacklisted by Google and other blacklisting services.
  • Hosting providers will shut down the website.
  • The website will take a long time to load or not load at all.
  • Search engines and browsers will display warnings about your website.
  • The warning messages could be Danger: Malware Ahead! or Warning: Visiting this website may harm your computer or The Site Ahead Contains Malware, etc,
  • Visitors report unusual redirects on your website
  • The website sends emails of its own accord

If your website displays some or all of the above-mentioned symptoms then your website has definitely been hacked.
Website security software MUST protect the company's websites, web servers, and web applications. It must not allow websites to get infected and then charge website owners a hefty amount for malware cleaning and hacked website repair.


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