Mobile Security

What Is Application Control — Types and Benefits

The Rise of Progressive Web Apps

A Progressive Web App (PWA) represents a special kind of a web page that looks, feels, and functions as a native mobile application. PWAs are accessible via a browser, and…

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Hackers Surgically Infected Asus Computer with Malware

Checking for Malware on Your iPad

If you own a jailbreak-free iPad, you have the assurance that your device is virus-free. Moreover, you’re safe from any vital issues caused by malware because it doesn’t target iPads…

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Open EDR
Best Mobile Antivirus Guide

Best Mobile Antivirus Guide – What You Should Know About Mobile Security App?

Nowadays, the mobile phone industry is growing every year and it also uses more advanced technology, applications, and features. Even so, still it became prone to hacking, malwares and even…

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A Quick Lesson In Mobile Device Ad blocking

A Quick Lesson In Mobile Device Ad blocking

Ad-blocking is a gray-area when it comes to ethical use of the Internet and navigating “free” content of public websites. It basically helps make the web less profitable for websites…

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Antivirus for android phones free 1

What antivirus for android phones free and beneficial in 2024?

Dependency on Android devices is increasing across the globe. Invariable of the country and size, millions of users store hundreds of significant personal and professional data on mobile devices. There…

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Why Your Business Needs Mobile Device Management MDM 1

Why Your Business Needs Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management (MDM) The number of privacy breaches that have hit the headlines has increased in recent years. Many of these disasters are due to the loss or violation…

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Best 5 Nintendo 3DS Emulator for AndroidPC IOS

Best 5 Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Android, iOS & PC

The Nintendo 3D was introduced on February 26, 2011, in Japan and around the world. Later in less than six months, Nintendo has declared a significant price drop. Initially, Nintendo…

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Apple’s Secure iOS Enclave Too Secure To Secure

Apple’s Secure iOS Enclave, Too Secure To Secure

The very secrecy of Apple with the overall infrastructure of iOS devices, especially the iPhone is both its strength and weakness when it comes to security and privacy. reported…

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The 6 Deadly Mobile Security Threats 1

The 6 Deadly Mobile Security Threats

The emergence of mobile security threats has been there over the past few years. Since mobile devices have become mini computers with complete top-level internet capabilities, the threat to these…

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How to Secure your iPhone Against Cyberattacks 1

How to Secure your iPhone Against Cyberattacks

It was in 2011 that mobile malware took off in 2011. That is when hackers began serious attacks on mobile phones, says David Emm, principal security researcher, at Kaspersky Lab,…

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