Network Security

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Based Proxy

Mozilla: Cloudflare Charges Us No DoH Traffic

Mozilla publishes FAQ reports that outline its implementation plans for DNS-over-HTTPS. Mozilla has today clarified that “no funds are being exchanged for DNS Cloudflare requests” as part of the DNS-over-HTTPS…

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Public DNS Servers VS ISP Hosted DNS

Public DNS Servers VS ISP-Hosted DNS

Here in, we continue to educate our readers about the importance of DNS in their daily lives. In fact, we have written about this same subject at least on…

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Open EDR
Does Banning China made Network Devices Secures The United States

Does Banning China-made Network Devices Secures The United States?

Remember the Huawei ban that the United States implemented through President Donald Trump’s Executive Order? Well, that order is still on, the Chinese mobile vendor was just given a short…

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Microfocus Endace  Strong Network Analytics System To Be Developed

Microfocus, Endace: Strong Network Analytics System To Be Developed

Two tech giants are partnering very soon to deliver a one-of-a-kind business-focused solution, as Micro Focus (software and business analytics) and Endace (network recording analysis) announced their collaboration. The disclosure…

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What Is Network Security And Types

What is Network Security and its Types

What is network security – it is one of the frequently asked questions in the IT world! Network Security here refers to the computer network. A network as such is…

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Ways To Have Ad Free Mobile Youtube

Ways To Have Ad-Free Mobile Youtube

Instead of watching TV programs, the lifestyle of watching YouTube videos on Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV/smartphones and tablets is becoming established. However, recently, the number of times the ad has…

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A Primer To The Nature Of Brute Force Attacks

A Primer To The Nature Of Brute-Force Attacks

Brute-force attack cases are considered to be “password list attacks” using a list of leaked IDs and passwords at another site. There are many cases where there is a problem…

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A Guide to Network Security Vulnerability Assessment

Overview of Network Security Vulnerability Assessment

Conducting a network security vulnerability assessment on a regular basis is important for any organization today. This is crucial as regards ensuring improved cybersecurity and thus protecting organizational networks and…

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What Is SOC Security Operations Center

What Is SOC (Security Operations Center)?

What Is an SOC? An SOC, or Security Operations Center, is a facility used by an information security team that is responsible for monitoring, analyzing, and ensuring an organization’s security….

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Endpoint Security Why Is Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Security : Why Is Endpoint Protection Good?

With the rise of remote workers and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, company networks are at risk of a security breach. Internet use and cloud-based platforms make it difficult…

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