MYDLP SUITE Data Loss Prevention: The Key Capabilities

  • Ensures Visibility: You can keep tabs on the movement of data across your network.
  • Provides central management: You can take action on sensitive information discovered on your network. You can pass, log, quarantine, archive or delete information based on the policies involved.
  • Creates activity reports: The in-depth activity reports that we give helps analyze and understand the effectiveness of policies and demonstrate compliance with existing regulations.
  • Compliance: Ensures and strengthens compliance with security and privacy regulations.
Monitor Shield
Monitor Anonimous
Secure all data in your care- customer information, intellectual property, other regulated and proprietary data.

For hackers, data is power. Once they lay hands on the data in your care, they could misuse the same. They could use the data to carry out all kinds of criminal activities- identity theft, corporate espionage etc. For any business, data security is of prime importance; businesses have to comply with data security and privacy regulations based on the industry and the location.


Cybersecurity is not just about detecting and blocking malware, it's about data security as well. It also includes keeping sensitive, confidential information safe inside the network. MYDLP SUITE Data Loss Prevention software keeps your data safe. MYDLP SUITE Data Loss Prevention software secures your customers' data.

Secures data in motion

Secures data when it is in motion; scans and monitors all outbound web (over HTTP/S) and email (over SMTP) traffic.

Secures data in use

Monitors data used on endpoints, monitors and controls use of USB devices, CD/DVDs, clipboard, printing etc, also discovers and secures sensitive data stored on computers and laptops.

Secures data at rest

Secures data in the servers and the databases, scans and secures all sensitive information that's at rest.

Provides granular policy management

We help you in complying with existing data regulations and also in formulating your own data protection policies.

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