Ensure better security by ensuring better perimeter protection

Businesses thrive on the data, the traffic that constantly flows into and out of their networks. It's on this traffic that the day-to-day operations and the growth of the business depends. But all the traffic that comes in is not trusted, some of it would be untrusted as well. The key to security, success and growth, for any business, depends on the ability to distinguish between the trusted and the untrusted...

MYDLP SUITE Firewall offers you a perfect, unified threat management system with a host of security controls and securing all ports and protocols.
Ensure better security

MYDLP SUITE Firewall: The Key Capabilities

  • Central Management: Our Free central management software helps you manage multiple firewalls from a single pane of glass. Ideal for big organizations.
  • Comprehensive protection: Gives advanced protection against malware, phishing, botnets etc with real-time threat intelligence.
  • Easy, flexible deployment: Thoroughly flexible deployment. No re-installation needed when you upgrade to full protection firewall.


MYDLP SUITE Firewall gives you something extra. Like any good firewall software, it protects you against known, unknown threats and guards all ports and protocols. It also offers multiple other security features, with centralized management to boot.

Unified approach

MYDLP SUITE firewall secures all ports and protocols using stateful packet inspection. It allows users to create user-based, group-based, source-based, destination-based, MAC-based, IP-based rules and schedule all traffic, both inbound and outbound.

Protection at the gateway

Our firewall gives you protection- against malware, phishing, botnets etc- at the gateway. MYDLP SUITE firewall uses static and behavioral analysis to provide zero-day malware protection at the gateway.

Filtering, blocking content

We help you filter URLs by category and block those that are not needed, using custom domain categorization. User-based, group-based, zone-based and time-based web filtering can also be set.

Network management tools

We offer a wide range of network management tools- DHCP, VLAN management, virtual IP routing, ICAP, NAT etc.

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