Protect your business from web threats, follow all security regulations and policies...
but don't let your business slow down, don't let your users get affected.

MYDLP SUITE Secure Web Gateway – The Key Capabilities

  • It's comprehensive and bases itself on an exhaustive crowd-sourced intelligence.
  • The flexibility is a highlight. It allows for granular policy management and creation of user-based groups.
  • The end user is always kept in mind; it's totally end-user friendly. The cloud sandbox technology and the portable containment contributes to hassle-free end user experience.
  • It's all easy! Download and install the agent, run the program- all in no time and with ease.
Secure Web Gateway

Hackers are always after weak links —The key is to cover it all up!

Hackers today are much advanced, in terms of methods, tools and technologies. They're getting more and more advanced and sophisticated. To protect yourself from them, you have to move ahead of them...many steps ahead!
Fighting the unknown

Fighting the unknown...

MYDLP SUITE Secure Web Gateway, by delivering the security capabilities that businesses would need today, helps you identify, detect and stop all malicious activities from attacking you. The best part is, this is done in a way that the experience of your legitimate users doesn't get affected. Their job gets done, with no breaks happening in between...

Cybersecurity software employ either the "default allow" approach or the "default deny" approach. The "default allow" approach involves letting everything in and then determining if anything is bad and needs to be blocked. The "default deny" approach focuses on analyzing unknown files before they are delivered to the users. Our Secure Web Gateway solution uses the "default deny" approach, which is safer and which doesn't affect usability either.


Using the "default deny" approach we endeavor to provide maximum security to our users and also ensure that it doesn't affect their usability.

MYDLP SUITE Secure Web Gateway works using auto-containment technology

Secure Web Gateway works using auto-containment technology, which involves running unknown files in a virtual container n the user's endpoint and analyzing the files there itself. The highlight is that while the unknown files in the virtual container would be allowed to run normally, they would be prevented from accessing the host's resources or user data. Thus it would be impossible for such files to infect or damage the system. Our Secure Web Gateway uses an extremely lightweight containment technology, which is application-agnostic and has no CPU dependencies at all.

MYDLP SUITE Secure Web Gateway does real-time, cloud-based analysis

In addition to running unknown files in containment, our Secure Web Gateway also uploads these unknown files to the cloud, where they are subjected to real-time analysis. For almost 95 percent of the files submitted to the cloud for analysis, the verdict is made available in less than a minute's time. Sometimes, it takes just 45 seconds to get the verdict on unknown files. When, in rare case scenarios, it becomes impossible to get a verdict, the file would be sent to researchers for human analysis, who do the analysis and determine if the file is good or bad, working within SLA timelines.

MYDLP SUITE Secure Web Gateway provides real granular policy management

Our Secure Web Gateway offers real granular policy management. You get web access policy management at all levels, at the user-level, the group-level, the department-level, the Active Directory-level and also based on the location. Thus you can do URL filtering, build your own blacklists or whitelists and block/delete inappropriate search engine results with safe search enforcement. You could check and block files based on their source, category, file-type etc.
The policies can be applied to multiple locations and even roaming users, regardless of their locations, can be covered.

MYDLP SUITE Secure Web Gateway becomes your Managed Service Provider

If needed, our Secure Web Gateway would become your MSP (Managed Service Provider), thereby helping you save time. We provide services relating to everything ranging from installation and set-up to fine-tuning, creating/refining web access or ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) policies etc. We also help monitor and analyze risky files, and also in the blacklisting and whitelisting of URLs. We do all this and much more and thus become your MSP.
Hardware and installation not required
No hardware and installation required as it's 100% cloud-based. It's load-balanced and geo-distributed too.
Advanced Threat Protection
The Advance Threat Protection that we offer blocks malware, phishing scams, botnets, spyware, cookie-stealing, XXS-injected websites and all other kinds of threats and attacks.
URL filtering and content filtering
Provides URL and content filtering. Comes with features like safe search enforcement, hash-based and country-based blocking and custom blacklists/whitelists. Also offers lots of content categories.
In-depth behavioral analysis, cloud-based sandboxing
All inbound traffic is subjected to in-depth behavioral analysis along with cloud-based sandboxing. Detailed, in-depth analysis reports too provided.
Granular file-type control
Offers granular file-type control, which can be done based on file type, hash, source and category.
Trusted antimalware, antispyware
Gives comprehensive protection using trusted antimalware and antispyware software that work based on an exhaustive malware signature base.

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