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How to become a best penetration tester?

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Help me... how to become a best penetration tester?

Topic starter Posted : September 25, 2018 1:49 pm
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To become a penetration tester you need to start from independent learning. I would suggest that you start your learning from web application pentesting. It will make you more stronger to understand about client side and server side attack. You will also learn the common web apps vulnerabilities and how to exploit them. There are some pentest virtual machines that are available online and will help you to understand the vulnerabilities and how to exploit those vulnerabilities. The few popular VM machines are Metasploitable, Dojo web, Pentest Lab and Hack Labs. You can download them and start learning from these machines as they are made for beginners. You will find Top 10 Common Web Vulnerabilities from OWASP website.

So, it’s better to start learning how to hack from Web application pentesting and when you think you are proficient you should move into “Network Hacking” and other areas.

NOTE: You’ll understand more if you have command over PHP, JAVA and HTML.

Posted : September 26, 2018 1:38 pm
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Here is the way to become a best penetration tester

A Penetration Tester (a.k.a. Pen Tester or Ethical Hacker) tests for and abuses security vulnerabilities in web based applications, systems and frameworks.

As it were, you get paid to legitimately hack. In this cool child work, you will utilize a progression of infiltration instruments – some foreordained, some that you structure yourself – to recreate genuine digital assaults. Your definitive point is to enable an association to improve its security.

Posted : April 26, 2019 2:13 am

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