What is Forensic Analysis?

Forensic analysis, in the general parlance, is all about doing an in-depth analysis to investigate and identify details of a security incident or any kind of violation of state law or company rules. We are all familiar with the forensic analysis that happens as part of a crime investigation.

Coming to computer forensic analysis, it's basically focussed on detecting malware; forensic analysis tools help detect unknown, malicious threats across devices and networks, thereby aiding the process of securing computers, devices and networks.

What is Forensic Analysis?
What our Free Forensic Analysis does

What our Free Forensic Analysis does

Our Free Forensic Analysis tool helps you identify discover the known good files, the known bad files and the unknown files, and consequently identify threats as well.

We scan your company network and let you know what all unknown malicious threats exist across the network.

Our malware scan, which takes just about 15 minutes to complete, covers all your computers for malicious files and also detects the threats that are lurking on your endpoints.

Once our Free Forensic Analysis tool finishes the malware scan, it gives you a detailed forensic analysis summary report. This gives you a detailed picture of your overall security posture. The forensic tool also sends for analysis the newly discovered unknown files. Post analysis, we also send you a verdict of "good" or "bad" on all unknown files.

Do you know?

Every day, over 1 million new malware threats are released.

Traditional antivirus software wouldn‘t suffice to block all malicious files.

1 out of 3 systems/devices we scan are infected, infection is so common now.

Use our Free Forensic Analysis tool and ensure that your devices and network are not infected with new, sophisticated kinds of malware.
Keep your devices malware free, secure your network and save your data from being breached.

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