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Advanced Threat Protection & Content Filtering

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a cloud-based filtering service that helps protect you from unknown malware and viruses. It gives you robust zero-day protection and keeps you safe from harmful links in real time. The inbuilt reporting and URL trace capabilities give administrators an upper hand into the kind of attacks that is likely to happen in the organization.
Advanced Threat Protection is using the latest machine learning techniques to keep new generation malware at bay, which also includes any new variants that are capable of attack.
Advanced Threat Protection
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Sensitive data exfiltration attempts

When it comes to data exfiltration, many organizations are not set up to effectively counter exfiltration attempts. Security measures are often focused on perimeter protection and not on how to detect and disrupt attacker's activity. More than 50% of data breach incidents favour exfiltration via outbound FTP or HTTP/HTTPS connections. In this mode, it mixes up with normal network traffic making it difficult to distinguish from legitimate activities of users.
The other mode of data exfiltration is the indiscriminate file dump that takes the data offline for later analysis and considers filtering to extract only the most relevant and high-value data or say sensitive data exfiltration.
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Ports and the Portal Scan

A port scanner, simply, probes a system's running TCP/IP to determine which TCP and UDP ports are open, which indicates all of the services that this system has offered to other TCP/IP hosts. Port scanners are effective when they find unadvertised servers since many sites fail to adequately protect these experimental, non-production systems. Attackers use port scanners to look for systems running Web or DNS services. They then attack those hosts looking for vulnerable software.
IP protocol scan determines which IP protocols (TCP, ICMP, IGMP, etc.) are supported by target machines. There is a dozen scan technique and the skill is in choosing the right one for a particular task.
Advanced Threat Protection
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What is a Network Security Scanner?

A network security scanner, which is one of the most notable among security software, scans networks and their nodes to look for security vulnerabilities and loopholes.
Also known as a network vulnerability scanner, a network security scanner is an automated solution that would scan, assess and evaluate the security posture and strength of a network.

What our network security scanner does...

  • Scanning Perimeter Networks - Insecure perimeter networks pose grave threats to any organization. Most of the data breaches are a result of insecure perimeter networks. Our network security scanner scans your perimeter network services and looks for vulnerabilities and threats so as to protect your network and organization against all kinds of security issues.
  • Generating network security report - Our software scans your network for all kinds of vulnerabilities; the results are made available inside the online dashboard. From here you can generate a detailed network security report. The report would present an overall picture of your security posture and would include details pertaining to IT assets and associated vulnerabilities, prioritized threats and the overall percentage of risk vulnerability.
  • Looking for security misconfigurations - We help you detect any kind of network security misconfiguration that could eventually lead to denial or service, data breaches or compromise of hosts.
  • Our network security scanner scans all devices, including servers, routers, firewalls, client computers etc.
  • Our tool would check for different kinds of vulnerabilities, including open ports, password strength, operating system controls, scripts etc.
  • Our software would also check for weak passwords on FTP, IMAP, database servers, POP3, Socks, SSH etc.
  • Testing for badly configured Proxy Servers, weak SNMP community strings, TLS/SSL ciphers etc is also included.
  • We help you check for anonymous FTP access and writable directories over FTP.
  • We do tests for DNS zone transfer, DNS cache poisoning attacks etc.

Use our network security scanner, detect and fix your vulnerabilities...

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