How To Open Exe Files On Android Phones

How To Open Exe Files On Android Phones?

Know How to Run EXE on Android? Most Android smartphone users have this doubt if they can use Windows exe programs on the device. Unfortunately, you cannot use it directly…

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Google Removes 85 Adware Infected Android Apps 1

Google Removes 85 Adware-Infected Android Apps

Google has removed 85 Android apps from the official Play Store after it was reported that these apps were adware-infected. Google took the decision to suspend the apps after researchers…

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Open EDR
Facebook Collects Data of Non Users via Android Apps 1

Facebook Collects Data of Non-Users via Android Apps

If think Facebook is collecting data after you have gone through all that stories, and want to quit or already did it, then let you be confirmed that Facebook is…

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Android Auto in 630 words

Everything You Wanted To Know About Android Auto And More

Over the past 10 years, Android has improved by leaps and bounds. Once mocked as the ugliest duckling of all mobile operating systems, Android has now become the beautiful swan…

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Android Apps Security

A Single-Character Message That Can Crash Apple iPhone, iPad Or Mac

This is interesting news for those who follow developments as regards iPhone security, iPhone virus etc; a single character message that comes seeking you could crash your Apple iPhone or…

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Loapi Malware

The New Threat to Android Phones – Loapi Malware

A new malware that has the capacity to mine cryptocurrency launched DDoS attacks that after two days of testing it completely destroyed the Android phone. The malware Loapi has a…

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Koler Ransomware

Ransomware Infects US Android Users with Fake PornHub Apps

Here’s a malware, a ransomware that targets visitors to adult-themed websites, that too in the US only and tries to lure them via a fake PornHub app. Koler, the ransomware…

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