cyber attack

U.S DHS and FBI Issue Alerts about North Korea-Backed Cyber Attacks

The U.S Department of Homeland Security, along with the FB, has come out with a statement that hackers who reportedly have ties with North Korea could still gain backdoor access…

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eCh0raix Ransomware Targeting QNAP Devices

Ransomware is Now A Lucrative Business for Cyber Criminals

Post the WannaCry outbreak, the term ransomware has become quite familiar, even to the layman. Today, it’s like ransomware here there and everywhere! It’s like every now and then we…

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Open EDR

Minnesota Man Charged for Employing ‘Hacker-for-hire’ to Target Local Business Website

Minnesota is now the witness to a very different kind of cyber crime-related case; in fact it’s the first of its kind in Minnesota. Federal prosecutors, as per reports, have…

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Cyber thieves 1

Healthcare Industry and Cyber Breaches

Guess what happens one day that a busy hospital stops functioning. All the data related to the patient and treatment details seize to work. There is no output, and they…

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Kaspersky NSA Hacking

Suspected NSA Hacking Code Obtained from U.S. Computer, Says Kaspersky Lab

The Russian antivirus company Kaspersky Lab has stated that its security software had obtained the suspected NSA hacking code from a personal computer based in the U.S. Earlier this month,…

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Russian Hackers Reportedly Use Kaspersky Software to Steal U.S Cyber Secrets from NSA

Reports say that Russian hackers used Kaspersky antivirus software to steal sensitive data from the U.S National Security Agency. The data breach happened after an NSA contractor reportedly put highly classified…

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Cyber security

Ways To Bolster Cyber Security For Public

In spite of the reality numerous associations in the general population segment are going the correct way, regarding digital security, all the more still should be done to handle digital…

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aIR Jumper Malware

“aIR-Jumper” Malware Can Bypass Air-Gapped Networks

Cybercriminals can now utilize a malware-infected surveillance camera network to send additional malware or new commands, as well as exfiltrate data from devices connected to the network through infrared signals….

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Data Breaches

UK’s Critical infrastructure vulnerable to DDoS attacks

According to data revealed under the Freedom of Information Act by Corero Network Security, over one-third of critical infrastructure organizations in the UK are vulnerable to DDoS attacks. As per…

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Identifying Phishing or Spoofing Mails

Identifying Phishing or Spoofing Mails

Let’s face it: phishing attacks are on the rise. Because every one of us makes use of emails. To communicate with our friends, colleagues, relatives and to setup various appointments….

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