PowerGhost the PowerShell Cryptomining Malware

Here’s Why Kaspersky Says PowerGhost Is The Malware Of The Future

PowerShell is Microsoft’s new method for enabling system and network administrators to work with command lines, providing them with a more advanced scripting system where they can automate routine tasks….

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Cybercriminals lay their hands on Cyanweb Solution servers

What Happens When Cybercriminals Mess With A Cyanweb Solutions Server?

Australia-based Cyanweb Solutions, the digital marketing and web provider, lost all their customer data, as well as their backup after their server was compromised last week. The company located in…

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Open EDR
How to Protect Yourself Against IoT Device Hacking

How to Protect Yourself Against IoT Device Hacking

IoT device hacking is now happening on a regular basisInstances of hacking IoT devices are making the news on a regular basis. Attack surfaces, updating, risk assessments and even involving…

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Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks Against Colleges Increasing

Recent statistics seem to suggest that cyber attacks happening against the colleges are on the rise, with colleges on an average being hit as many as 12 times a week….

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Proactive or Reactive Which is the Better Method for DDoS Defence

Proactive or Reactive, Which is the Better Method for DDoS Defence?

DDoS attacks are now widespread; there happen many DDoS attacks targeting enterprises all the world over. In fact, in the recent past, there have been many massive DDoS attacks and…

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Major DDoS Cyber Crime Website

Int’l Law Enforcement Shuts Down Major DDoS Cyber Crime Website

The Webstresser cyber crime website, which was the world’s biggest marketplace for selling DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack services, has been shut down. International law enforcement has shut down…

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Zyklon Malware

Zyklon Malware Campaign Targets Microsoft Office Users

Zyklon, a new malware is out and targeting Microsoft Office users through their inboxes. This dangerous malware is making use of human negligence plus software that’s out of date. Experts…

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Minnesota Man Charged for Employing ‘Hacker-for-hire’ to Target Local Business Website

Minnesota is now the witness to a very different kind of cyber crime-related case; in fact it’s the first of its kind in Minnesota. Federal prosecutors, as per reports, have…

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Tackle Vulnerabilities in the Internet of Things

There are a huge number of vulnerabilities within poorly secured Internet of Things (IoT) devices which have been exploited in the numerous recent cyber attacks. The usage of IoT devices…

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