Cyber Attacks Stopped By An Israeli Bomb 1

Cyber Attacks Stopped By An Israeli Bomb

Justice, Israel style, the final judgment of Israeli Defense Force (IDF) against cyber attackers was decisive and literally with the “bang”. The highly contested Gaza strip between Israel and Palestinian…

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Tax System Down To Malware Attack

Wolters Kluwer Cloud Accounting & Tax System Down To Malware Attack

Tax Accounting Firm Wolters Kluwer, valued at $4.8 billion is currently suffering a severe malware attack that forced the company to take down their tax returns database since May 6,…

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Open EDR
The Fileless Malware Attacks Are Here To Stay 1

The Fileless Malware Attacks Are Here To Stay

The development methodology of malware has changed drastically, something that cannot be ignored. A few years ago, the primary objective of the hackers was to rake profit and avoid detection….

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Hackers Steal Around 41 Million in Bitcoin from Binance 1

Hackers Steal Around $41 Million in Bitcoin from Binance

Hackers have stolen almost around $41 million in bitcoin from the crypto exchange Binance. In a report dated May 7, 2019, Nikhilesh De of CoinDesk writes, “Hackers stole more than…

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The 6 Deadly Mobile Security Threats 1

The 6 Deadly Mobile Security Threats

The emergence of mobile security threats has been there over the past few years. Since mobile devices have become mini computers with complete top-level internet capabilities, the threat to these…

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Three High Severity PrinterLogic Flaws Detected 1

Three High-Severity PrinterLogic Flaws Detected

Three high-severity PrinterLogic flaws that have recently been detected could help hackers launch remote code execution attacks on printers. Threatpost editor Lindsey O’Donnell reports, “A slew of high-severity flaws have…

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ATO Attacks Affect Around 4000 Office 365 Accounts 1

ATO Attacks Affect Around 4,000 Office 365 Accounts

ATO (Account Takeover) attacks have reportedly impacted roughly 4,000 Office 365 accounts, which were later used to carry out malicious activities. Details about the attacks, which spanned one whole month,…

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Hackers Target Atlanta Hawks Online Shop NBA Basketball Store

Hackers Target Atlanta Hawks Online NBA Basketball Store

When it comes to cyber attack campaigns, we are often hearing news involving a financial institution, a multinational company or a healthcare firm. Never in our typical understanding of cyber…

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Hackers Can Target CT MRI Scanners

Hackers Can Target CT, MRI Scanners & Manipulate Scan Results

This is startling indeed- Hackers can infect CT, MRI scanners with the virus, manipulate scan results and create or erase cancer nodes as well. Cybersecurity experts in Israel have found…

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Online Bank Accounts Among Hackers’ Favorite Targets 1

Fraudulent Transactions Using Stolen Credit Card Continues

As hackers perform their campaigns, they continue to evolve their techniques by testing their attacks against a real-world target. This way they can further improvise their methodology and verify the…

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