OSXLinker Malware A Weaponized Unpatched Security Bug

OSX/Linker Malware, A Weaponized Unpatched Security Bug

We rarely feature a story about MacOS security here in Hackercombat.com, as the platform is not really attractive for hackers to target. MacOS with its BSD underpinnings and minority market…

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Mac Users Targeted with Ad Based Image Malware min

Mac Users Targeted with Ad-Based Image Malware

Most people think that there’s little if any, Mac malware in the civilized world. Unfortunately, that impression is just wishful thinking. Well, we have seen how things shaped in 2018,…

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Open EDR
Minnesota Man Charged for Employing ‘Hacker for hire’ to Target Local Business Website

How An Ex-Hacker From The NSA Dominated Def Con Conference

A security researcher has demonstrated, at the recent Def Con security conference, that a Mac computer running Apple’s High Sierra operating system can be very easily hacked by simply tweaking…

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MacOS Cyberattack That Targets Cryptocurrency Investors 1

This Is The MacOS Cyberattack That Has Crypto Investors Crying

A MacOS-based malware called “OSX.Dummy “is reportedly being used by cybercriminals to target a group of cryptocurrency investors. Reports on the subject are stating the malware is being used to…

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Mac Malware

Mac Malware Showing Increasing Trend Since 2017

Most malware, as we know, target Windows systems; the reasons are obvious. The major reason, however, is that Windows is the most popularly used OS all over the world. The…

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vulnerabilities 1

Apple released patches to address vulnerabilities in the High Sierra.

Apple had to rush in to make a quick update on serious vulnerabilities in macOS. The vulnerability hole was so serious that it allowed anybody who has access to Mac…

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