3 Companies that Help SMBs to Improve Their Cybersecurity

Desktop App Security Should Be Treated The Same As Cloud Apps

The Covid-19 pandemic has created new challenges for entrepreneurs as they adapt functional models where working from home has become the so-called “new normal” scheme. Companies all over the globe continue to hasten their digital transformation, and cybersecurity is their recent major concern. The operational, reputational, compliance and legal implications could be substantial if cybersecurity jeopardies are ignored.

For the past few months, the restrictions imposed by governments to combat pandemic concerns have encouraged employees to practice the “work from home” scheme. As a result, technology has become even more significant not just on the part of the companies, but to the personal lives of every worker as well. Despite these increasing technological demands, it is highly observed that most companies failed to provide a “cybersafe” working environment to their employees.

Amid the pandemic, hackers are highly active on multiple fronts. They act on people’s concerns about the virus by providing phishing malware or schemes disguised in fake medical centers alerts that talk about the current treatment developments or effective vaccines. Hackers grab the opportunity to entice people into phishing malware attacks. Thus, there is a huge pressure on medical researchers and companies to protect their treatment data and vaccine.

Another scheme of hackers in the midst of a pandemic is through the use of a contact tracing app to cover for phishing. They are misrepresenting official tracing accounts via emails. In fact, hackers target legitimate apps to trove the data with persons’ names and addresses. Say, for instance, for high-ranking officials, data about the person’s meetings and movements is crucial to opponents and instantly sold by wicked actors. The majority of these apps have insufficiently encrypted source code and didn’t have intrusion recognition when hackers retrieved limited mobile data.

Whether you own a huge company or operate a business online, your company is at risk for a cyberattack. This is the reason why you need to know about the different cybersecurity solutions. As a hint, here are the top companies you may consider to protect your business from cyberattack:

  1. Spambrella – The user awareness training technology and email security of Spambrella are often used by the largest security-conscious companies. This company unifies your email security and user awareness training requirements. They have a deep technical expertise of multiple service providers and the know-how to drift you smoothly.
  2. Perimeter 81 – This is considered a leading secure network provider. Perimeter 81  is designed to streamline cloud and application access, secure network, and provides an SDP service to address the VPN replacement use case. It also has exceptional cybersecurity services like secure Web gateway, SD-WAN or software-defined networking in a wide area network, and browser isolation feature to deliver an ideal cloud firewall solution.
  3. Comodo – This is an award-winning and global security provider suitable for your company’s needs. It offers affordable and free security tools with excellent features. One of the best things about Comodo is its free IT management platform that features patch management, remote monitoring and management, an all-in-one place service desk, and shield apps for malware-infected devices.

With various issues related to cyberattacks, you may be thinking of dealing with a company that offers cybersecurity solutions. But, before finding an ideal one, it is best to know first its benefits.

  • Protect Your Business – A cybersecurity solution can provide all-inclusive digital protection to your company. This also allows your personnel to scan the internet anytime and anywhere they want with no risks from possible threats.
  • Secures Productivity – All types of viruses can reduce personal computers to a crawl. This can truly affect the overall productivity level of your employees.
  • Employees Work in a Safe Environment – A cybersecurity solution allows you and your staff to work at home without worrying about any potential cyberattacks. If your computers or system become infected with viruses or hackers, they will hamper your company’s productivity. You may also be enticed to replace your computers.
  • Secures Personal Data – One of the most significant commodities in the online world is personal data. If a certain virus gets your personal data, hackers can easily sell that information. Or worse, they may steal your money using your personal data.
  • Denies Spyware – An ideal cybersecurity solution like Perimeter 81 can prevent spyware from occurring. It also guarantees that the actions of your employees remain confidential and private within your workplace.
  • Make Your Website Functional – With the help of a cybersecurity solution, you are certain that your website will always function as it is. If your system becomes infected, it is possible to have it shut down.
  • Prevents Adware – A computer virus-like adware fills your computer with various promotions or ads. But, all of these adverts have a huge impact on your company productivity. It can allow other computer viruses to enter your computer, especially when you click its link.

Apart from the above mentioned, a company that offers cybersecurity solutions like Perimeter 81 can shield against a varied range of digital problems. Ideally, your digital security needs to include anti-virus, wireless security, firewall, and online content filtration. This company also helps your IT expert in providing your team a secure and safe place to work in.

Regardless of the size of your business, you always need to have a cybersecurity solution to answer all your digital transformation problems. Bear in mind that the success of your business relies on your hand. If you know how to secure your business, especially online, expect that you are doing the right thing. You and your staff are in good hands while working digitally.

Can’t wait to see how this cybersecurity solution works? Then, feel free to choose the best company that suits your needs and preferences. Check out Perimeter 81 now!

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