Warning More iOS Devices Are Infected by Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

Warning: More iOS Devices Are Infected by Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

In the mobile computing and gadgets world, Android has been the whipping boy when it comes to the issue of security vulnerabilities and mobile malware penetration exploits. Many have lauded…

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Securities Market at Huge Risks Probable Target

Securities Market at Huge Risks, Probable Target

Right after the chain of hacks targeting cryptocurrency exchanges, hackers are setting their sight on a new, equally lucrative target: the securities market. The securities market is composed of trading…

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Open EDR
Using BitCoins The Basics

Using BitCoins: The Basics

The benefits of cash without its big-brother government regulation, that is the fascination of the world with cryptocurrency, a revolution initiated by Bitcoin a few years ago. Considered as the…

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North Korean Hackers Stole 571 Million Worth of CryptoCoins

North Korean Hackers Stole $571 Million Worth of CryptoCoins in Less Than 24 Months

Cryptocurrency is a hot commodity these days that facilitate online transactions without any regulation or control from any government entity, banking facilities, and territories. Even with the lack of government…

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Fake Flash Player Installer Embeds Monero Coin Miner Wreaking Havoc in the Wild

Fake Flash Player Installer Embeds Monero Coin Miner, Wreaking Havoc in the Wild

Adobe Flash Player, the erstwhile universal plugin for rich multimedia content on the web is the favorite whipping boy of security professionals for decades. This is because the vulnerable browser…

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Crypto Mining Malware Runs on iPhone

Crypto Mining Malware Runs on iPhone

As reported on cryptovest a new research from Check Point shows cyber-criminals are increasingly targeting iPhones in crypto-mining attacks. While it never quite took off among consumers, Google Plus is…

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South Korea’s Cryptocurrency Responsibility

South Korea’s Cryptocurrency Responsibility

The Blockchain technology is a proven secure system, but that doesn’t mean that engaging with cryptocurrency transaction is safe all the time. This is because of the inherent insecurity of…

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