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Two Factor Authentication made mandatory by EU SCA 1

The EU Knows How To Make Two-Factor Authentication Mandatory

The European Parliament has done it again. Through the establishment of the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA),they have demanded companies prioritized the welfare of consumers. Hot on the heels of the recently…

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Data Breach Affects People Who Took Part in Cairns Regional Council Online Surveys

Data Breach Affects the Participants in a Regional Online Surveys

A data security breach that affected the Typeform survey tools could have affected many people who have taken part in the Cairns Regional Council online surveys this year. As per…

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Open EDR
Cryptocurrency Mining Operations on University Networks

You Need to Know About The Bitcoin Double-Spending Exploit Against Tether Exchange

Tether, a U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange with trading code “USDT” has been discovered to have a nasty loophole enabling a “double-spend” exploit. In cryptocurrency language, this happens when a certain number of…

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The WPA3 Future for the Healthcare Industry

How Will The WPA3 Technology Revolutionize Healthcare?

A big update with the wireless LAN technology is on the horizon. Fourteen long years in the making, WPA 3 promises to correct the vulnerabilities of its predecessor, WPA2. WPA3…

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Possible Data Security Breach at Adidas Might Impact Millions of Customers

Did A Security Threat At Adidas Expose Millions Of Customers To Risk?

Adidas AG, the international manufacturer/designer of shoes, clothing and accessories, has possibly been hit by a data-security breach, which might impact millions of its customers. As per reports, the breach…

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Is it Possible to Spy Facebook Messenger

6 Tips To Help You Secure Your Facebook Account

In case you’ve been sleeping in a cave for the past few months, you need to secure your social media sites! Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat—they are all paving the way for…

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