Data security

Data Repository Will Your Business Need One

Sensitive Data Management Guide For companies and Individuals

Keeping sensitive data secure against theft and vulnerability should be a priority for most organizations. However, this isn’t as easy as it may seem especially with new technologies and evolving…

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Patient’s life is at risk as pacemakers are vulnerable to cyber attack

Singapore Firms Struggling To Keep Up With Software Patches

Yes, you read it right! Organizations in Singapore are struggling to cope up with the volume of software patches. According to new research released by ServiceNow, Inc has, this year…

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Open EDR
Google Acknowledges Having Android Backdoor Triada

ACCC Says that Google Misleads Users about Managing Android Data Position

Consumer watchdog says Google gathers and uses location data without telling users. The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) is bringing up against Google and its Australian branch claims of…

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Google in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Invests in Computer Security

For PC manufacturing and silicon partners, Microsoft is collaborating to develop computers with a stable firmware layer. The project aims to counter threats targeting firmware and operating systems with the…

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Best Mobile Antivirus Guide

Free VPN for Android You Can Use in 2021

Why buy if you can use it for free? Instead of paying for premium services, why don’t you use a free VPN for Android? Many of these apps have similar…

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How Enterprises Can Combat Cybersecurity Challenges On The Cloud

Content Delivery Network: Why Use It?

You may be one of those individuals who can’t let a day pass without interacting with numerous applications and websites. Do you know that many of these sites and apps…

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vpn work

Want to Surf Anonymously? Try these 15 Android VPN Apps Free

If you’re one of those who do a lot of things online using a mobile device, you should be concerned about Internet security. The virtual private network (VPN) is a…

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4 Easy and Simple Ways To Secure Cloud Infra

Do You Need Cloud Computing and Content Delivery Networks (CDN)?

More than 20 years ago, Bill Gates asserted that “content is king.” Most probably, he couldn’t predict back then how much content the readers would consume on the internet today….

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Importance of Security Analytics

Importance of Security Analytics

Security analytics is a process of collecting data, aggregating, and using tools to analyze the data in order to monitor and identify threats. Depending on the tools being used, this…

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Defining the Principle of Least Privilege POLP

Defining the Principle of Least Privilege (POLP)

The Principle of Least Privilege, or POLP, is the idea that any user, program, or even process should only be provided the bare minimum of privilege for them to perform…

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