Phishing Attacks

Hotmail Phishing Attacks

Scammers in the guise of IRS Targeting Hotmail Users

IRS has issued a warning to taxpayers and tax professionals about a phishing email scam that targets Hotmail users and steals their financial information. The fraud email comes with a…

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Andromeda cyber criminals min

The Andromeda Botnet Taken Down, Alleged Mastermind Arrested

‘Andromeda’, a huge malware system, a botnet made up of millions of computers, has finally been taken offline, as per reports. It’s also reported that the cyber criminal who has…

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Open EDR
phishing scam

PayPal Phishing Scam Coming From Official PayPal Email Address

PayPal phishing scams are becoming more and more sophisticated these days, with hackers devising newer ways of duping users. There are reports of a new and very sophisticated PayPal phishing…

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phishing attack

The Rise of phishing attacks against businesses

The quantity of phishing attacks on organizations have increased multiple folds from April to the end of June this year, as per a report by a cybersecurity expert. In its…

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Identifying Phishing or Spoofing Mails

Identifying Phishing or Spoofing Mails

Let’s face it: phishing attacks are on the rise. Because every one of us makes use of emails. To communicate with our friends, colleagues, relatives and to setup various appointments….

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phishing attack

Build Robust Methods to Defy Phishing Attacks

The Anthem data breach sets an example for all the organizations to strengthen up their respective protective strategies to prevent future phishing attacks. The data breach though targeted the health…

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HTTPS Phishing Websites

HTTPS Phishing Websites on the Rise. Here’s what you Need to Know.

A recent spike has been seen in HTTPS phishing websites that use Domain Validated SSL certificates to help hackers pilfer users’ personal data. A Discussion of the trend and potential…

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phishing attacks

DocuSign phishing attacks are the scams of the week!

In a recent talk, DocuSign disclosed that they have been the victim of a data breach, after which phishing email attacks were done at them with the help of Docusign…

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