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Websecurity Scanner For A Secure Website Operations

Websecurity Scanner For A Secure Website Operations

A website is no different from a human body, it operates normally until external factors take control of some of its parts, causing problems in the process. Today’s websites are…

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How to Fix Chrome’s ‘ERR SSL PROTOCOL ERROR’

Quick Guide on How to Fix Chrome’s ‘err_ssl_protocol_error’

err_ssl_protocol_error’ – If you use Google Chrome to access the internet, you’ve probably seen the error “This site can’t provide a secure connection” or the ERR SSL PROTOCOL ERROR notice…

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Open EDR
New Project 8

Top 4 Bad Habits Web Developers Need To Forget

Web developers today wide elbow room when it comes to developing their sites, as we enter the age of modern Javascript-engine browsers capable of Web Assembly, WebGL 2.0 and advance…

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r online shopping 1

Online Shopping Phenomenon and the Risks Involved

Black Friday sale is a big deal for the U.S. consumers, to a point that they spent tens of billions of dollars just in one day Pre-Christmas. This phenomenon for…

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The ‘Game of WordPresses’: Botnet WordPress vs Other WordPress Installs

If Netflix has Game of Thrones, WordPress has a ‘Game of WordPresses’, as 20,000-strong WordPress zombie instances are operating in the Internet attacking other healthy WordPress sites. This huge botnet…

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Instagram Accidentally Exposed Some User Passwords

Instagram Accidentally Exposed Some User Passwords

No matter how careful you are with your IT security and data protection, security breaches are here to stay, with hackers staying one step ahead and gaining access to your…

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Hacking Prevention Ways to Improve Website Security 1

Hacking Prevention: Ways to Improve Website Security

Website security is a caricature to the brick and mortar business’ physical security. With the various ways that cybercriminals have taken advantage of weaknesses, especially those that persist of using…

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