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How to secure credit card details from hackers?

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Last month my credit card details are hacked by someone, It's possible for hack into credit card without someone's knowledge.

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Hi, I’m sorry that happened to you RoderickJ. To protect your credit card information, always make sure you are transacting over a secure site. You also need to mind your browsing habits so you don’t contract malware. There are some types of malware which record your keystrokes and send this information to hackers so beware. Consequently, you also need to scan your computer with a good anti-malware app. Finally, never just trust any company with your details unless they strictly follow cybersecurity standards like the one the European Union enforces.

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Let me give you some basic rules:

  • Stay wary of phishing scams. Don’t click on links or download attachments coming with suspicious emails.
  • Do effective password management.
  • Don’t go for high-priced fraud protection services, go for the ones that are effective and good.
  • Follow secure browsing practices.
  • Always do transactions over secure websites only.
  • Keep your system protected with effective security software.
  • Be careful while using your credit cards at POS terminals. Ensure everything is safe, as much as is practically possible.
  • Never reveal your card details to anyone. There are many hackers who come up with tricks that could make people reveal card details. Never do that.


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