How to Build a Serverless App with Lambda?

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Gone are the days when you needed in-house servers. Most of the companies have switched to serverless infrastructure these days. You don’t have to worry about the infrastructure because the vendors manage it. One of the most popular vendors is AWS Lambda. It is one of the best options for startups who don’t have in-house storage.

In this post, we will show you how AWS Lambda can be used to build a serverless app with AWS Lambda. But before that, we need to know what exactly Lambda is and how does it work.

AWS Lambda:

It is a part of Amazon Web Services. It is a FaaS (Function as a Service) Platform. With this cloud-based platform, everything can be done on the cloud. It uses the AWS server space. Here, the code is automatically executed. Most of the serverless apps are created using this cloud-based platform. The vendor does security, scaling, and deployment. The developers only need to write the code. This code is then added to the platform, and the function gets added in the app.

Steps to Develop a Serverless App:

Follow these steps to develop a serverless app using AWS Lambda.

Step 1: Host a Static Website

The first thing you need to do is host the static content for the app. The content will include JavaScript, images, HTML, etc. To do this, you have to configure Amazon Simple Storage Service. Follow these steps for hosting.
Select an AWS Region

  • Create an S3 Bucket
  • Upload the content to the Bucket
  • Add a Bucket Policy
  • Enable Web Hosting
  • Validate the implementation

Step 2: User Management

In this step, you have to create a user pool to manage the accounts. The registration pages of the apps need to be deployed. All the pages through which users are handled needs to be deployed. Follow these steps for user management.

  • Amazon Cognito user pool creation
  • Add the app to the user pool
  • Update Congig.js file
  • Test the validity implementation

Step 3: Serverless Backend Creation

The backend process is developed using the AWS Lambda. All the requests are managed through the backend. Several steps need to be followed here for the development of a serverless app. Follow these steps.

  • Amazon DynamoDB Table needs to be created
  • IAM Role needs to be created for Lambda Function
  • For Management of requests, Lambda Function needs to be created
  • Testing is done

Step 4: Restful APIs Deployment

Here, Amazon API Gateway is used. It is done to expose the Lambda function. It helps to make the Lambda function which was used previously to become visible in RESTful APIs. Now, the API can be accessed through the internet. It helps to make transform the website into a web application.

Follow these steps.

  • Create a REST API
  • Creation of a User Pools Authorizer
  • Create new resources
  • API Deployment
  • Update Website Config
  • Validate

These are the steps you need to follow in order to develop a serverless app with AWS Lambda. As these steps are technical, you can approach a development company to develop a serverless app for you.


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