How to use drones at events?

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Originally invented for military drones, they quickly migrated to a wide consumer market. It is not surprising that in such a creative and innovative field as the event industry, they also found application. Let’s see how you can use drones at events, without forgetting about safety measures.

  1. Fancy Shooting

The most common use of drones is shooting. Video materials made with their help give us the opportunity to look at things from a new angle. Drones do an excellent job of shooting large-scale sporting events that occupy a large area under the open sky, for example, polo, biathlon, car racing. Unlike conventional cameras, it’s easier for drones to follow the players, shoot them from different angles and cope with constant movement.

Of course, drones can be used not only for shooting sports events. They are suitable for any outdoor events like exhibitions, festivals and street parades. However, if the room allows, then you can shoot inside. Flying over the heads of visitors, the drone can simultaneously broadcast a picture, attracting the attention of guests. Naturally, the best shots made by the drone can be used for materials after the event, telling everyone about the past event, promoting the brand and the next event.

2. Entertainment or attraction

Drones can be used not only for practical purposes, but also as part of an entertainment program. Using a specially written program, drones can synchronously dance right above your guests, causing them to gasp in surprise. Thus, you turn technology into magic, which, for sure, will leave an imprint in the memory of visitors.

The drone shows look especially bewitching at night or in dark rooms, where LED lights can be attached to drones dancing in unison. You can do a completely empirical event with an emphasis on this concept, as Intel did, for example, by creating a light show with hundreds of synchronously moving drones with which it entered the Guinness Book of Records.

  1. Event venue preview

Drones are a great way to create a virtual tour of the venue. This drone is especially useful if the event is held in a large open area, abroad or in remote places. A virtual tour with the help of drones will create a realistic idea of ​​the venue, while ordinary photo and video shooting can create an incorrect impression.

  1. Delivery

You’ve probably already heard about Prime Air, Amazon’s future delivery system that allows customers to deliver orders in 30 minutes or less using drones. Now imagine the same concept, but in an event industry. This tool has already been successfully used at some events. Here are some ideas on how to use delivery drones at your next event:

  • For food and drink delivery. Just imagine that snacks and cocktails are delivered not by waiters, but by small drones!
  • To deliver invitations or other materials before the event itself. Don’t you pay closer attention to the invitation if it literally falls into your hands from heaven? Of course yes! Then why not send out invitations or letters of gratitude to your most important guests, speakers and sponsors on drones?

 Branding and Creative Sponsorship Opportunities

Drones provide unique branding and marketing opportunities. You can offer them to your potential sponsors or use it yourself. Here are some ideas:

  • Drones deliver branded products directly to visitors. This works especially well with food and drinks. For example, they did it at Whatever, USA, where guests could order Bud Light, and the drone delivered a cold can to them.
  • Drones toss promo materials and testers. used drones to promote its flower service, scattering roses among passers-by on Valentine’s Day in Verona. You can try these things out by replacing roses with sponsored products or gifts. Just make sure that these things are light enough, and warn guests in advance about a surprise from the air.
  • Waving advertising banner. This is a modern cheaper and more environmentally friendly way of advertising compared to hanging a banner on the tail of a small plane. It is especially suitable for exhibitions and outdoor events.
  • Dancing drones forming the company logo. The logo will not go unnoticed if it is shown by dancing drones. Sponsors will surely like this idea.

The list goes on and on. Everything is limited only by your imagination and security issues.

  1. Security measure

After the terrorist attacks in Paris last year, which we have witnessed, the safety of visitors to the event has become a priority for the organizers. Security control during events has become stricter, but the latest technologies have also been applied in this matter. Drones for these purposes can be a great solution. They provide a good overview of the entire space (especially when it comes to large-scale events). Drones can become additional eyes of your security service and will allow you to respond faster on occasion.

What you need to keep in mind before using drones at events?

After you read about the amazing possibilities that drones provide for the event industry, it is worthwhile to talk about precautions before you run to buy a drone. What you should pay attention to:

  • Make sure the event venue allows you to use drones. Find a place where flying a drone will not harm anyone. Some convention centers allow the use of drones only in certain areas, for example, in large exhibition halls, and some may completely prohibit them. At outdoor events, make sure that your drone’s path will not cross spaces whose violation is considered illegal and will bring you many problems.
  • Hire an experienced and qualified drone pilot. In fact, it’s not so easy to control a drone. You will need an expert in this field, with extensive experience and appropriate insurance. The safety of your guests comes first. Why take any chances if the drone suddenly gets out of hand and harms someone at the event?
  • Choose the right type of event and the right time to use the drone. Do not resort to drones just because they will add spectacularity to your event. UAVs are appropriate for street exhibitions or festivals, but will only interfere with the speaker and listeners during an important session (unless, of course, they are part of the speech itself).
  • Battery charge. Most drones are designed for a maximum of 30 minutes of operation. Some droneless vehicles are equipped with GPS technology and can be programmed to return to the base if only 5% of the charge is left. So, at least, the drone will not crash on its last legs.
  • Obtain permission from civil aviation authorities if required by law. To know more visit:

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