ICOs: How to Make a Successful White Paper

How to Make a Successful White Paper

So you’ve decided to make your first ICO project. Statistically, ICOs have gained over $2 billion in funding in 2017, meaning that there are investors that are willing to give you some of their capital if you’re able to show something promising.

Here are the most common things that you need to include in order to impress them. In this guide, we’ll show you how to write a white paper for ICO to help increase the chances that your project is successful.

Remember the Financial Aspects

Remember, cryptocurrency is both a financial and technological concept. Low-quality whitepapers have little to no real information of the financial aspect of the currency. When you write a white paper for ICO, make sure that get the fundamental financial information down in order to attract your audience.

Speak about the projected worth that you see your currency having, how much market cap do you expect the currency to have, and if your currency will have a Fiat component involved. Any important financial information that you want to use to attract an investor, write it down on the paper.

Explain to your audience why you expect these numbers, why you’re including a Fiat component, why the market cap is supposed to be that high. Without any tangible explanation and backing, your ICO will look like you’re attempting to become rich.

Include the Technology as Well

Just like the financial information, your white paper needs the technological field included as well. But, give a balance between giving away the entire plan on how your ICO will work technology and giving no information about it at all.

You need to introduce any copyrights, actual protections, or protections that your technology has in place throughout the project.

Create Confidence in Your Audience

You’ll want to introduce who you are, speak on why your company is making the token offering, and why you’ve decided to place it on the market. Speak on actual advantages that your token/coin offers and make sure it’s more than “We want to fulfill a need that’s in the market.”

While the market doesn’t actually need the coin, you have to explain to the reader why they would. Most importantly, invite your readers to continue to talk to you about your coin offering. Make it clear that you’re able to speak to your future investors as both parties are apart of the same team.

Remember, cryptocurrencies are attracting investors whose money can dictate the flow of the market. Thus, you need to build confidence in both the lower end and the higher end of investments to ensure that your project is a success.

After the White Paper

Once you write a white paper for ICO, you have to review it again to ensure that it’s of good quality. Send your first draft of your idea to a team of trusted editors, who won’t expose the details of your project, but thoroughly view it to see that it appeals to your investors and your audience.

To conclude, it’s up to you to decide how the white paper is presented. Once it’s published, you have to make sure that it’s thoroughly marketed so that your target audience can see it. Keep improving your white paper to ensure that your project is properly funded and watched over by future investors!



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