Internet Security Threats-Crypto Mining And IoT Attacks Top The List

Internet Security Threats Crypto Mining And IoT Attacks Top The List

Crypto-mining is a new force, an attack on IoT is on the rise and ransomware is getting its act together to strike in a big way. According to new data collected by TechRepublic IoT threats have seen an 8500 % increase and keeping up with the pace is crypto-mining.

Ransomware Saturates the Cybercrime Market

Can you imagine a segment termed cybercrime-as-a-service, well, ransomware is now a commodity and everybody would like to have it? A hacker with no experience will be available to serve you on the technical front and be available for hire with their own version of ransomware.

The increased tool available in the market to deal with ransomware has caused the fee amount to drop significantly. This is way less to what the actual ransomware hackers demand. So this means businesses across the world should anticipate a more ransomware attack in the coming days.

Crypto-Mining the serious online threats of 2024

Now the next in line is Crypto-mining the hot cake on the of Internet security threats. According to Comodo “all it needs is just a few codes, and the hacker is ready to go as he seizes the device for a bounty”. The attacker can place crypto-mining software on systems and mine digital coin.

The crypto-mining code is lightweight so it escapes the radar and goes undetected, even though it is consuming your central processing unit. As miner makes their home on network and IoT devices, the resources take a toll and the energy cost rise. The crypto-mining is in the race of getting quick bucks and that new technology will not be enough to counter them, so all it needs to have is a well-informed and trained workforce.

Supply Chains caught in Crossfire

The supply chain is on the rise, and these incidents are on the rise, which means the criminals are on the lookout for better and easier ways and will target valuable corporate systems. In this case, the hacker will not target the supplier directly, but he will make a move by bypassing the organization’s network security. Take a look at how Ransomware made use of the flaws in the Ukrainian accounting software.

As always the supply chain partner will not know that their system has been compromised, and by the time they figure it out, it will be too late. According to Comodo, “companies must ensure maximum security protocols and put in place standard procedures”.

Targeted Attacks on the Rise

This can be attributed to the sheer fact that ‘spear phishing; has been used by 70 percent of the hackers so far, and now the threat is looming large. This is for the fact that stealing user credentials and skipping security is easier than breaking the firewalls.


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