Learn The Measures To Keep WordPress Site Safe From Black-Hat Hackers?

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Are you also among the 1.3 billion website owners across the globe? If yes, then you might know how vital it is to keep your site away from these mischievous hackers. Yes, it is undoubtedly a sad reality that sometimes the sites get hacked, losing the confidential data. So if you own a WordPress site, then you might know how stressful this situation can become when the data of the users are on stake. 

Furthermore, if your WordPress website is hacked, then you need to mend it ASAP. The damages caused to your site can also be permanent, which can end your business just because of a hack. There is a bucketful of reasons why you need to clean up your website when it gets hacked. 

Also, if your site gets hacked, Google blacklists your site, which ultimately ranks down your WordPress site. It will directly affect your revenue and can damage your reputation too. Therefore, in case your site gets hacked, here is some vital information that you must always consider.

How To Recognize The Red Flags Of WordPress Site At Risk?

Just imagine, on one beautiful day, you tried to log in to your site like each day you do. But you find something uncommon that your WordPress site is not behaving in the same manner, what will you do? Yes, it is one of the most significant confusion that might arise if such a thing happens. Therefore you should know the things that can confirm that your site is under the control of some hacker. Here are some factors that can give you a confirmation regarding this:

Problem In WordPress Website Login

The fundamental way to recognize any hack is that you are facing a problem in logging-in your site. There are chances that you might not remember your password, so always make sure that you are entering the right password. If things still do not work out, then you need to do some action. 

The hackers often prohibit you from accessing your site by changing the password and the username. Furthermore, there are even worse situations, such as your user account might get removed. Therefore it is an alarming sign regarding your site, which you should never take lightly.

You Spot Certain Changes On Your Site 

By taking a closer look at your homepage, you can find out if your site is hacked or not. Yes, these hackers usually replace the website with the static page. In case you spot any difference there, which you have not done there, then there is someone who is accessing it too.

Further, this thing gets clearer if there are some changes in the content of your homepage, or any addition of grubby sites. On top of it, if the footer of your website has several links, which you never added, especially the one having tiny font, then your site might be hacked.

What Are The Reasons Behind A Site Getting Hacked?

Although there are numerous reasons behind a hacker to hack your precious WordPress site, these are a few of the most general reasons.

Your Password Is Not Strong

The primary reason due to, which your site might get hacked, is the weak password you had set. Therefore, you must avoid using the passcodes that are most commonly used, such as ‘Password’ and more. Try to build a strong password that a hacker can never imagine. 

Out of Age Software

One most vital thing to remember is to keep your software updating because it decreases the chances of your site getting hacked. Furthermore, it makes your WordPress site less vulnerable to hackers. Be it Plugins, themes, or WordPress itself; everything requires timely updating.

What To Do If Site Gets Hacked?

Switch On The Maintenance Mode

The foremost thing that you should do is to put your site in a maintenance mode. After all, you do not want your users to know that your website is facing some crisis, as it can directly affect your reputation. Therefore keep it on maintenance mode until you get a solution because you can not make a new WordPress site obviously.

Try to put your site under a plugin like ‘Coming back soon’ or ‘We are nearly complete.’ Such catchy plugins can help you to tell the customers that nothing wrong is going. Furthermore, it will also give you time to mend the site. 

Use A Malware Detection And Removal Service

Your second approach should be picking the right service, which can help you to find the source of infection, and also mend it. Try to choose the best so that it can detect the root cause, and will prohibit it from entering your site ever again.

Re-set The Username And Password

Once you are done with the work of throwing out the malware from your WordPress site, then you take time to think new username and password. Yes, it is essential to re-set these two things because you do not know from which password and username the hacker entered your site.

Furthermore, the last steps you should take are to update the themes and plugins. In addition to this, you must also remove the useless files from your site.


The primary and the most vital purpose why these black hat hackers hack your site is to meet the goal of phishing, doing fraud with the visitors, and breaching the private data of the users. Therefore keeping your WordPress site secured from these hackers is vital.


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