Malwarebytes for Mac to Protect Against Mac Malware

Malwarebytes For Mac to Protect Against Mac Malware

Malwarebytes™, announced the release of Malwarebytes for Mac, featuring real-time protection to block any malware automatically and keep it secure from cyber threats, malware, adware and unwanted programs. The innovative and fast detection engine has minimal impact on device operations to ensure Mac computers run like they should, and professionals recommend it over traditional antivirus programs.

Mac users saw more malware in the second quarter (May to June) than they had seen in all of 2016. In fact, more new malware families have appeared this year than in any other previous year in Mac history. This analysis was done by Malwarebytes.

According to Marcin Kleczynski CEO, Malwarebytes “We carefully designed Malwarebytes for Mac to protect all Mac users from cyber threats and potentially unwanted programs so that they can feel safe and have a Mac that performs like it should. He added “Antivirus and security awareness is no longer enough defenses for Mac users, the growth of Mac malware has made that very clear. We hope that more and more Mac users will come to this realization and begin to seek out additional defenses.”

Malwarebytes for Mac features several distinct benefits and features for users to protect against this increasingly dangerous Mac threat landscape, including:

Malwarebytes for Mac provides ultra-fast proactive scanning for malware and spyware and also flagging potentially unwanted programs and adware.
Antivirus Replacement or Complement: Malwarebytes for Mac completely replaces existing antivirus solutions or can run alongside any antivirus program.

Small System Footprint: Malwarebytes for Mac utilises minimal system resources to ensure that Macs run smoothly.

Malwarebytes for Mac is highly recommended by technicians as a primary defense against the growing threat of Mac malware. “As the top Apple Tutorials on YouTube, Malwarebytes for Mac is one of very few pieces of software that I recommend to ALL Mac users,” said David A. Cox, CEO, and Tech Talk America.

Thomas Reed, Director of Mac and Mobile, Malwarebytes said “Mac threats are not taken seriously enough in the security community today. “Adware and potentially unwanted programs are becoming a major problem for Mac users. Some very popular apps have been known to carry these threats and despite protections in place, the App Store is not immune to these threats. For example, the recent Proton Remote Access Trojan that plagued Mac users fooled many experienced, security-minded people who became infected. Being security-savvy is no longer enough; all Mac users need dedicated protection against malware, adware and potentially unwanted programs. This perpetuates a crucial lesson that, despite what many Mac users think, they are not safe even if they are careful about what they download.


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