North Korean Spy Charged For 2014 Sony Pictures Hack

North Korean Spy Charged For 2014 Sony Pictures Hack

North Korea has been trying all these years to hack into American organizations and steal financial institution around the world. The Justice Department charged on Thursday in a 174-page criminal protest detailing how the Korean hackers caused millions of dollars’ worth damage to the world economy.

In 2014 one North Korean, Park Jin-hyok was charged with wire-fraud on Sony Pictures Entertainment. The story depicted how a group of programmers from North Korea’s main intelligence agency working out of China and other Asian countries, disabled Britain’s health care system with WannaCry attack a year ago and stole $81 million from the Bangladeshi Central bank — a heist that would have procured $1 billion.

The elaborate attack was viewed as striking back for Sony’s Production of the 2014 film “The Interview,” a movie featuring Seth Rogen and James Franco that criticized the North Korean despot Kim Jong Un and depicted an assassination plot.

Sony dropped the idea of releasing that film in the midst of dangers to moviegoers.

On the other hand, North Korea appeared to be principally spurred by its regular need for money, as different nations have declined to work with Pyongyang, and a longing to control the American corporate through dread. WannaCry introduced the likelihood that the North likewise needed to capitalize.

The complaint was the most particular open accounting yet of North Korea’s cyber attacks against different nations. The Justice Department has now brought charges against state performing actors from North Korea, China, Iran and Russia, the United States’ most considerable cyber foes.


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