A Look at the Biggest Ransomware Attacks 2017

What Is Ransomware? Know All About It

Ransomware is a waking nightmare about locking and encrypting your valuable files by malware. You need to pay off a nice chunk of money to an anonymous cybercriminal to regain…

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PayPal Anti Ransomware Patent End of Its Effective

PayPal Anti-Ransomware Patent: End of Its Effectiveness?

Ransomware attacks and massive infections have been plaguing the business and even personal computing since 2017. Creating an atmosphere of fear makes people do something that is otherwise unbelievable, like…

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Open EDR
Windows 10 Security Features

The Anti-Ransomware Edition- Windows 10 Security Features

We have sourced this article of Susan Bradley CSO Online with the title “What’s new in Windows 10 security features: The anti-ransomware edition”. This gives a wonderful account on what…

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