How To Test For Anti Malware Effectiveness

How To Test For Anti-Malware Effectiveness?

The “Ransomware Business” and the “Cryptocurrency mining epidemic” have become more and more sophisticated through the years, cybercriminals are after profit. Most people who use various computing devices are connected…

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Dharma Ransomware Abuses Trust Poses as Antivirus Software 1

Dharma Ransomware Abuses Trust, Poses as Antivirus Software

The Dharma ransomware has evolved a new tactic of abusing trust by posing as antivirus software to claim its victims. Dharma, which had first emerged in 2016, has been behind…

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Open EDR
Android Antimalware Apps You Can Install Today

4 Most Recognizable Android Antimalware Apps You Can Install Today

Antimalware Apps Recently, Google went out of their way to clean-up Google Play Store from apps pretending to be antimalware apps, but really just consuming resources of the Android device….

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Hackers use Fake bills to dupe users to download malware

Why “Special Ear” Is The New Fiend On The Internet

Security researchers have recently discovered a cybergroup in China who are working on a new type of hacking campaign using the shipping and transport industry. The campaign is called “Special…

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Antivirus 2

A New Vulnerability Uses Antivirus To Cause Malware Infection

There was a time when anyone who bought a computer would, as soon as the system has arrived, think of an antivirus. The antivirus, it was thought, was enough to…

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Kaspersky NSA Hacking

Suspected NSA Hacking Code Obtained from U.S. Computer, Says Kaspersky Lab

The Russian antivirus company Kaspersky Lab has stated that its security software had obtained the suspected NSA hacking code from a personal computer based in the U.S. Earlier this month,…

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How Antivirus Works

Back to Basics : Antivirus Protection To your PCs

Just like soldiers protecting our borders from enemy attacks, antivirus software packages protect our PC(s) from various malware perpetrated by hackers. They run in the background, as we operate our…

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