Cyber Security

New Year and New Measures for Cybersecurity

Time for resolution as the New Year approaches, whether we plan for fitness to lose weight or spend quality time with friends and family. Nevertheless, one in ten people manage…

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Three Chinese Nationals Charged by US Court with Hacking Attacks

Three Chinese nationals have been charged by US courts with hacking attacks on three international corporations. As per reports, these Chinese citizens were running a cyber security firm in China…

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Open EDR
ransomware attacks

Black-Rabbit Ransomware Strikes Japan

Imagine hackers using the wiper to cover up their operations when they target their victims, Well, it has happened and it’s a new kind of ransomware called ONI, found in…

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android malware

New Android Malware That Could Claim Over 21M Victims

Smartphones today are pocket-sized computers. We use them for web browsing, cash transactions, gaming, official and business correspondences and much more. Moreover, with BYOD being an accepted trend in the…

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WannaCry Ransomware

Beware Of The New Locky Ransomware

Today, another Locky variant is making the news by launching up to 20 million attacks each day.¬†Of all the different ransomware strains in circulation right now, Locky definitely the one…

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Netgear Routers Seized for Credential Stuffing Attacks

A highly-skilled hacker has successfully infected Netgear Routers with the RouteX malware and then leveraged the devices to perform credential stuffing attacks. How the Routers were Hijacked CVE-2016-10176 is a…

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powerful data breaches

The Top 10 Worst Data Breaches of all Time

Data Breaches are on the rise, creating disasters for companies throughout the world. Just this year, there have been seemingly endless security breaches and hacks, with the victims being both…

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