New Year and New Measures for Cybersecurity

Cyber Security

Time for resolution as the New Year approaches, whether we plan for fitness to lose weight or spend quality time with friends and family. Nevertheless, one in ten people manage to stick on to their plan, similarly, one in seven people think about cybersecurity as a priority.

CISOs as it comes into existence to enhance the protection of an enterprise network, system and data devices. As a cybersecurity professional, you will have an easier way to accomplish these goals

1. Cleansing 

Periodic cleansing is a better option rather than keeping it scheduled for your monthly chore. This way you can have an easy way to cleanse it because there will be fewer data during the vacation time. Look for new servers, devices, and apps which were introduced recently. Clean up any potential messes that have accumulated during this course.

2. Promote best practices

We have seen how employees from different professions miss keeping their devices protected due to their being ignorant of the risk of cybersecurity. We have also seen how the major problem of hacking happens due to the ignorant handling of systems. These cases have only helped companies to keep their focus on operating procedures and develop their employees to be tech-savvy in the coming year. This way they will know the importance of cybersecurity and start promoting the practices. Educate them on how not to click on unknown links that come in their email inbox, and look for URLs before they actually start doing business on that. There is nothing like rocket science here, but only a few tips on how to keep yourself safe and sound.

3. Sophisticated password management

Looking at the kind of attacks in recent times, just a password will not make any difference. Users need to come up with more sophisticated password management. Most companies that practice BYOD need to be extra cautious when their employees switch from home to the office network. Strong password in an encrypted database and accessing them through a master key should be the priority.

4. Patch Routers

Keep your routers and systems updated with all the patches in places. This also refers to the IoT systems which are under constant attack. The Internet of thing is vulnerable to such high volume attack. The user needs to be groomed on the way they need to take care of the facilities, and organizations should educate them on the different ways to keep the security under check. Strive to raise awareness and best practices among employees.

Let accept it, the odds are against us and if we try to transform the way we deal with our cybersecurity a lot of things will change. This is not an easy transition and that’s why many of them are not able to stick to their resolution. The above simple steps will go a long way to keep the attacks under check. There will be no better way to start the New Year on a positive note that is to keep it safe and secure.

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