Common Sense Ways Of Handling Data Digital Or Not

Privacy in the Age of Digital Transformation, What it Means?

In the world of digital transformation when everything is facilitated by technology, enterprises are able to learn more about their customers through personalization, so when the things are going that…

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Massive Ransomware Attack On Israeli Websites Foiled 1

Massive Ransomware Attack On Israeli Websites Foiled

The incident took place on Saturday, March 2, when hackers tried to plant ransomware on over one million Israeli web pages, in a bid to lock the users out until…

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Open EDR
Sensitive Data Management Guide

Uber Paid Hackers to Delete Stolen Data and to Keep Silent: New Uber Scandal

Reports about an alleged hacking incident involving Uber Technologies Inc. is currently hitting the headlines. It has been reported that hackers had stolen personal data of millions of Uber customers…

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All Yahoo Accounts had been Hacked Not Just 1 Billion

All Yahoo Accounts had been Hacked, Not Just 1 Billion

The Yahoo breach is not as small (just 1 billion!) as reported earlier, all, repeat – ALL Yahoo accounts had been hacked. Yahoo had periodically been upping the number of…

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