Ghost Telephonist

Ghost Telephonist Hijacks Your Phone Number

Hackers have exploited a vulnerability in wireless networks that allows them to make calls and send messages from your phone number. Cyber security researchers have termed this attack “Ghost Telephonist.”…

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Data Breaches

Data Breaches Affect 400,000 Customers of Italy’s Largest Bank

Massive data breaches that have hit UniCredit, Italy’s largest bank, have reportedly affected 400,000 customers. A press release by UniCredit says that it has been “…the victim of a security…

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Open EDR
Hacker Exploits Parity Wallet

Hacker Exploits Vulnerability To Steal $30M In Crypto Currency

Hackers are exploiting vulnerabilities to steal crypto currency. In a recent attack, they stole over 153,000 Ether, which approximately translates to over $30 million dollars. A considerable amount, it is….

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Cyber crime

Cyber-crime is a major threat in the financial crimes

The new technical advancements in the new generation benefit the consumers in several ways, but it also causes an equal amount of damages. And the banks have reported that the…

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Mandy Haeburn tries to accelerate the business community in Scotland after the cyber attack

Haeburn Accelerates Business Community After Ransomware Attack

The recent ransomware attack crippled global networks, threatening the internet and critical digital infrastructure. Attacks of this kind can be expected to increase in frequency in the future. The ransomware,…

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phishing attacks

DocuSign phishing attacks are the scams of the week!

In a recent talk, DocuSign disclosed that they have been the victim of a data breach, after which phishing email attacks were done at them with the help of Docusign…

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