Major DDoS Cyber Crime Website

Int’l Law Enforcement Shuts Down Major DDoS Cyber Crime Website

The Webstresser cyber crime website, which was the world’s biggest marketplace for selling DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack services, has been shut down. International law enforcement has shut down…

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Criminals Can Build A Web Profile From Your Browser

Criminals Can Build A Web Profile From Your Browser, Beware!

This could come as a shocker to many internet users: cybercriminals can build a web dossier about you based on the information that they gather out of the routine web…

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Open EDR
Different Kinds of Malware

A Brief History And The Different Kinds Of Malware

Malware: An Introduction Malware or malicious software could be defined as the software that cyber criminals develop with malicious intents- like accessing and causing damage to a computer/mobile device or…

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Scam in Chrome

Cybercriminals Employ Scam in Chrome

Now here comes the latest where cybercriminals are abusing web browser code to create windows that prevent users from closing it, this is the latest finding from security company Malwarebytes. This is…

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SSL Encryption

SSL Encryption and How Criminals Exploits it for Malware Attacks

According to a cloud security firm headquartered in California says “Secure socket layer (SSL) encryption may be growing in popularity as organizations seek to protect their internet traffic but SSL…

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discovery of new snooping tool in android devices

Discovery of new snooping tool in Android devices

The lethal form of surveillance tools meant for Android spyware is something that comes uncovered. These kinds of spyware are equipped with features that are never seen before. We are…

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Vulnerability Provides Hackers

Google Apps Script Vulnerability Gives Opportunities to Hackers

A new vulnerability in Google App Scripts has opened the door to new possibilities for cyber criminals. Researchers at cybersecurity firm Proofpoint have discovered a new way of exploiting Google…

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Criminals now spoof scanners and printers to spread malware

Cyber criminals are getting smarter and more resourceful. They are now spoofing hardware accessories to spread their malicious payloads. Recent reports have revealed that some hackers have begun sending malicious…

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Cyber Threats

Different Cyber Threats to Look Out For in 2018

In our series on the trends to look out for in 2018, we discuss today the different cyber threats that we need to be concerned about in the new year……

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Sophisticated Cyber attacks

Financial and Public Services Fear Sophisticated Cyber Attacks in 2018

We, at HackerCombat, are positive-minded and optimistic on the main. We believe that as cyber security experts we can keep fighting all those cyber threats and attacks that keep happening….

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