phishing emails

Don’t Ring In The New Year With Phishing Emails

As 2018 approaches, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has called upon citizens in the U.S. to be alert and on the lookout for new highly-sophisticated email, likely to be a…

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Healthcare Data Breaches

Ways to Prevent Healthcare Data Breaches in 2023

Many leading healthcare organizations have been targeted and attacked by cyber criminals in the last few years. One of the most notable among recent instances is the WannaCry ransomware attack…

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Open EDR
Andromeda cyber criminals min

The Andromeda Botnet Taken Down, Alleged Mastermind Arrested

‘Andromeda’, a huge malware system, a botnet made up of millions of computers, has finally been taken offline, as per reports. It’s also reported that the cyber criminal who has…

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Cyber Criminals

Cyber Criminals to Exploit Vulnerabilities.

Cyber attacks continue to be the major nightmare for most of the business, and most of that is because of the vulnerabilities in the respective systems. Security experts believe that…

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ransomware attacks 1

How to Protect a Company from Ransomware Attacks

We have been discussing a lot about ransomware. We have been reporting many ransomware attacks that took place in the recent months, and we have also been discussing how ransomware…

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Researchers Discover 3 Monero Mining Malware Apps on Play Store

Today cyber criminals are devising new ways to use cryptocurrency miners and make easy money. Hackers simply target unsuspecting users and use their CPU power to mine for cryptocurrency, without…

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Cyber thieves 1

Healthcare Industry and Cyber Breaches

Guess what happens one day that a busy hospital stops functioning. All the data related to the patient and treatment details seize to work. There is no output, and they…

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Cyber Criminal

Keep your intellectual property Safe

Companies should be proud of their intellectual property, most of them don’t value the significance of these assets. These are some of the things that help you grow and increase…

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All Yahoo Accounts had been Hacked Not Just 1 Billion

All Yahoo Accounts had been Hacked, Not Just 1 Billion

The Yahoo breach is not as small (just 1 billion!) as reported earlier, all, repeat – ALL Yahoo accounts had been hacked. Yahoo had periodically been upping the number of…

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ransomware attacks

Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) with Paradise Ransomware Attacks

A new kind of ransomware dubbed “Paradise Ransomware” is doing the rounds these days. It is being offered as a Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) and that is what makes…

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