New Bluetooth Vulnerability

Intel Discovers And Publishes New Bluetooth Vulnerability

Turns out, Intel has now discovered and published a new Bluetooth vulnerability, which could help intercept and manipulate transmissions between two compatible devices. The reports say that the newly discovered…

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Major Cyber Espionage vs Supply Chains Apps imminent US Intelligence Service

The Major Cyber Espionage vs Supply Chains Apps is Coming

The United States, through its intelligence agencies, has uncovered a major cyber espionage vulnerability against software-based supply chain software. A supply chain attack refers to a cyber attack of unauthorized…

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Open EDR
The General Data Protection Regulation’s role in the Age of Big Data

How Will The GDPR Survive In The Jungle of Big Data?

We are living in the age of big data, in a world that now generates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. For the mathematically inclined, that is roughly 2,684,354,270.08 gigabytes, a…

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Trojans on Unauthorized Financial Apps

How to Identify and Combat Trojans on Unauthorized Financial Apps

Trojans, as we know, are malicious computers programs that infect devices/systems by mimicking genuine software and then going on to extract data from the system/device. Trojans that mimic banking applications…

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