why dns protection so critical for businesses

Why DNS Protection So Critical for Businesses?

DNS protection provides an additional level of protection between the user and the Internet by creating a blacklist of malicious websites and filtering out unwanted content. By using a secure…

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Discussing Different Aspects of Next Level Network Security

Discussing Different Aspects of Next-Level Network Security

Cybersecurity, as an industry, is changing and evolving at a rapid pace. As cybercriminals come up with all kinds of new approaches to target and breach computer networks, it’s becoming…

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Open EDR
How to Secure DNS Servers from hacker attacks

DNS Servers | How to Secure DNS Servers from hacker attacks?

Hackers often tend to target DNS software, aiming to cause security breaches. Let’s discuss how to secure DNS servers using some very effective methods. Here we go… Using a DNS…

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What is DNS Security Why is it Important

What is DNS Security? Why is it Important?

DNS, like Border Gateway protocol, Network Time Protocol etc, is one of the utility protocols that keep the Internet up and running. Hence securing such protocols is important, but it’s…

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