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New Android Malware That Could Claim Over 21M Victims

Smartphones today are pocket-sized computers. We use them for web browsing, cash transactions, gaming, official and business correspondences and much more. Moreover, with BYOD being an accepted trend in the…

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500,000 Pacemakers Recalled by the US FDA Owing to Hacking Risks

The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has recalled almost half a million pacemakers following fears pertaining to hacking. They fear that laxity in cybersecurity could lead to these pacemakers…

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Huge Spambot Ensnaring 711 Million Email Accounts Uncovered

A huge spambot that has ensnared as many as 711 million email addresses has been uncovered by a Paris-based security researcher. The researcher, who goes by the pseudonymous handle Benkow,…

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DIY Android Ransomware App Aiding Hackers

Budding cyber criminals are going to have a field day with a DIY Android ransomware app which has been doing rounds for some time now, and is purportedly available for…

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PlayStation Social Accounts Hacked

Were the Sony PlayStation Social Accounts Really Hacked?

A hacking group calling itself as “OurMine” has claimed that it has hacked into Sony PlayStation network and its Facebook and Twitter accounts. It had hacked PlayStation social accounts and…

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Game of Thrones

Hackers Email and Say They’d Release The Game Of Thrones Finale Early

For HBO there seems to be no end to their hacking woes; it just seems to go on and on… It was just about a week ago that the cable…

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Getting your phone screen replaced

Changing Phone Screen Might Be A Shortcut To A Vulnerability

Malware-Loaded Phone Screen Replacements Cybercriminals have successfully been able to insert malicious chips in smartphone screens. So, suppose you face an issue with your smartphone – specifically, its screen –…

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Malware targets Shipping Industry

At the point when staff at CyberKeel examined the emails at a medium-sized shipping firm, they made a stunning disclosure – that to their surprise shipping companies are pried over…

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Shipping Industry on Hackers Radar

Security experts have expressed deep dismay at Hackers attacking Shipping firms, which they are able to successfully compromise. Having plagued a wide variety of business sectors and industries, Cyber criminals…

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Hacking : Explained

Hacking is a process to interrupt the normal functioning of the systems connected to a network. The person involved in the process of hacking is called the hacker. The term…

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