PGA Championship the Newest Victim of Ransomware Attack

PGA Championship, the Newest Victim of Ransomware Attack

Ransomware strikes again, this time not against its perennial favorite target, the healthcare industry, but PGA TOUR servers. The ransomware attack happened two days before the start of the PGA…

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WannaCry Ransomware

Beware Of The New Locky Ransomware

Today, another Locky variant is making the news by launching up to 20 million attacks each day.¬†Of all the different ransomware strains in circulation right now, Locky definitely the one…

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Open EDR
Locky Ransomware

IKARUSdilapidated – The New variant of Locky Ransomware

August 9, 2017, Comodo Threat Intelligence Lab unearthed a new ransomware campaign, that infects tens of thousands of victims with a simple email with an attachment and no text. According…

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