A Quick Glimpse On The WhatsApp “Spyware” Issue 1

A Quick Glimpse On The WhatsApp “Spyware” Issue

The embattled Facebook is facing another huge setback this week, as their acquired iOS/Android app, WhatsApp is affected by a spy-like trojan on some version of the app available for…

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RatVermin Spyware Campaign Ukraine Gov Agencies Targeted

RatVermin Spyware Campaign: Ukraine Gov Agencies Targeted

A phishing campaign in which Ukraine government agencies are targeted with the RatVermin malware has been uncovered. Security researchers working with FireEye Threat Intelligence have uncovered this ongoing spear phishing…

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MobSTSPY Spyware Finds Its Way Into Google Play

MobSTSPY Spyware Finds Its Way Into Google Play

Spyware camouflaged as Android applications has found its way into the Google Play store, and a part of the malicious applications being downloaded multiple times by users across the world…

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Sonic Drive In Suffers Massive Data Breach Impacting Millions of Customers

Data Breach Affects iPhone Spyware-Maker, Millions of Users Affected

iPhone spyware-maker mSpy has reportedly suffered a data breach, which has impacted millions of its users. It has been reported that sensitive personal information belonging to the users has thus…

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Ethiopia Malware Attacks

Ethiopia’s Malware Attacks on Dissidents in Other Countries

Ethiopia continues to carry out targeted malware attacks on dissidents and activists located in other countries, according to the research findings published by The Citizen Lab. Key findings of the…

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Weird Signs of Malware Infection

The Internet is abundant with all sorts of malware hiding behind legitimate websites, applications, and emails, just waiting to be downloaded. The moment they are downloaded, they take control of…

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