Weird Signs of Malware Infection

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The Internet is abundant with all sorts of malware hiding behind legitimate websites, applications, and emails, just waiting to be downloaded. The moment they are downloaded, they take control of your PC and use it to their advantage. By stealing your sensitive information; by turning it into a botnet and attacking others; or by simply locking it down. Whatever the nature of the attack, you stand to lose much more than just your machine.

But unfortunately, the sad truth is that as long as we are going the digital way, we’ll be confronted with lots and lots of malware. Let’s take a quick look at some of the tell-tale signs of a malware infection.

  1. Your System Slows Down:

    System slow down does not always mean too many applications running. It can also mean that your system has been infected by a malware which is now hiding somewhere, lying dormant, waiting for the right opportunity to unleash its attack on you. Therefore, if everything seems right and yet your system slows down, it’s time you perform an antivirus scan.

  2. Too Many Pop-Ups:

    Too many Pop-Ups are another indication which strongly suggests that malware has taken over your system. Unexpected or unwanted pop-ups are usually signs of spyware infection. These annoying pop-ups typically contain malware hidden in them which will be downloaded to your system the moment you click on them. You need a paid or free malware removal software to handle this issue.

  1. You See Flashes of Blue Screen of Death (BSoD):

    If Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) appears every now and then while you’re using your system, it’s a clear indication that your system is malware-infected. Of course, it could be other problems like hardware related issues, but more often than not, unexpected blue screens mean malware has taken over your system.

  1. Too Much Activity In Your Hardware:

    If your hard disk is exhibiting excessive activity even when you don’t use it and there is no program or download running at the moment, this could be a sign of malware. Because when malware takes over, many unusual events may take place – too much activity in your hardware is just one of them.

  1. New Browser Homepage, New Toolbars:

    Another classic sign that your system is malware-infected is when you come across new browser homepages, new toolbars and other changes added to your screen which you did not implement on your own. This usually happens because you clicked a link or a pop-up which downloaded malware onto your system.

  1. Your Battery Drains Too Quickly:

    If your system’s battery is draining too quickly – it may not be because of too many applications running in the background. This could be because of malware running in your system and using up battery. Time for antivirus scan!

  1. You Are Subjected To Unusual Error Messages:

    Unusual error messages out of sync with your system’s settings and popping up continuously are also a sign your computer has been compromised. Pay attention to these errors, run an antivirus scan, and keep your system up-to-date.

  1. Programs Start Automatically:

    Just like a horror-movie door opening on its own, if programs on your system are starting automatically, it’s the work of the demon named malware. Time you ushered in that exorcist called antivirus to exorcise this malicious demon out of your system!

But why wait until these signs start showing up? Prevention is always better than the cure. Therefore equip your devices with various security products like free malware cleaner, antivirus, and other such tools, which can effectively safeguard you as well and your system against today’s various evolving security threats.


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