The Best Ethical Hacking Courses for Programmers

The Best Ethical Hacking Courses for Programmers

Being on the internet is part of our day to day lives today. With the internet becoming so integral a part of our day to day lives, many things have become easier for us. You could do lots of things sitting in the comfort of your home, by using your computer or phone and with the help of many apps and websites.

Things, of course, become easier, but the internet comes with its own share of issues as well, which pertain mostly to security and privacy. The websites that you visit and the apps that you use collect your personal data and even keep track of your online activities. The data is collected so as to give you better service or to enhance your online experience. But this data, which may not be secured well, may get into wrong hands and cause you much trouble. There are always hackers who are on the prowl for such personal data, which they could use either to earn money by manipulating things or by selling off such data to people who may want to use it for various purposes (marketing, criminal activities etc).

Coming to hacking, there is another side of the story too. If there are hackers who are after your data, there are hackers who seek to make it all safe and secure as well. They are the ethical hackers, who seek to master the art of hacking so that they can combat malicious hacking by overtaking the malicious, criminal-minded black hat hackers and beat them at their own game.

Among the IT guys, it’s usually the programmers who have the most of the technical knowledge. Hence, it’s best if programmers take to learning ethical hacking, which is totally legal and which helps them break into networks/systems to find the security flaws, leaks etc. This helps them set things right; this helps them fix the issues before criminal-minded hackers can exploit them.

For those programmers who’d want to try ethical hacking, here’s a list of the top best ethical hacking courses that could help them mold themselves into the best among ethical hackers:

Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch: A Very Popular Ethical Hacking Course

Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch is a very popular ethical hacking course. You could learn it online and train yourself to think and work like the criminal-minded, black hat hackers. This could help you learn how to secure systems or networks as an ethical hacker. This immensely popular online course comprises around 120 video lectures, which emphasize equally on both the theory side and the practical aspects. Besides these video lectures, it also includes 2 articles and 17 supplemental resources. The course focuses on the basics of ethical hacking, with emphasis on network penetration. It also covers things like MiTM attacks, social engineering, cracking WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryptions, ARP spoofing, ARP poisoning etc. It dwells in detail on the various popular hacking techniques and how they are executed.

Kali Linux Tutorial: Good for Beginners

Kali Linux Tutorial is basically for beginners; it covers all relevant and important concepts relating to Kali Linux. It comprises many tools for beginners and helps perform various tasks-basic as well as advanced- in Kali Linux. It comprises a full assortment of all ethical hacking tasks relating to Kali Linux, details about Linux commands that are to be used by hackers, building Linux target from scratch etc.

The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: For All!

This course would help even beginners understand everything pertaining to cyber security and hacking. This would help elevate a beginner to the status of an expert, advanced hacker. This course teaches the core and advanced part of ethical hacking covering things like web testing, penetration testing, wifi hacking using Kali Linux etc. The Complete Ethical Hacking Course includes guidelines on how to protect identity, detailed answers to all kinds of possible queries relating to ethical hacking, a guide to employment opportunities in the field of ethical hacking etc.

Introduction To Python For Ethical Hacking: Ideal for Aspiring Hackers

Introduction To Python For Ethical Hacking is ideal for aspiring hackers, especially those who are good at python programming. The course, which includes the basics of Python programming, using Python on Kali Linux, the basic functionality of PyCharm etc, also teaches how to build Nmap Network Scanner. The focus is on the basics of hacking.

The Complete Cyber Security Course: Become a Specialist

The Complete Cyber Security Course helps create specialists out of ethical hackers. It includes comprehensive details on how to prevent hacking, how to stop hackers etc and also provides you with basic stuff like all important information pertaining to IT Security & INFOSEC. Basic practical knowledge relating to advanced hacking, trackers, mitigating mass surveillance and government spying etc are all part of the course.


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