The IT Acronyms and What They Stand For

The IT Acronyms and What They Stand For

Here are the IT Security acronyms that you will like to know what it stands for in technology world.

IT Security

A measure that help organizations to verify that their security controls are in compliance with the policy, process or procedure. It is about identifying security strengths and weakness and necessiate adjustment in the organization’s security posture.

1. ACL Access Control List
2. AES – Advanced Encryption System
3. CBSP Cloud-based Security Providers
4. CORS Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
5. CSP Content Security Policy
6. CSRF Cross-Site Request Forgery
7. DOS Denial of Services
8. DDoS Distributed Denial Of Services
9. DNSSEC Domain Name System Security Extensions
10. DKIM Domain Keys Identified Mail
11. DMARC Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance
12. FUD Fully Undetectable
13. IPSec Internet Protocol Security
14. IAM Identity & Access Management
15. MITM Man in the Middle Attack
16. SSE Server Side Encryption
17. SSL Secure Socket Layer
18. TLS Transport Layer Security
19. XSS Cross-site Scripting
20. SQLi SQL Injection
21. MFA Multi-Factor Authentication
22. WAF – Web Application Firewall
23. OWASP – Open Web Application Security Project
24. PCI – Payment Card Industry
25. LFI Local File Inclusion
26. DT Directory Traversal
27. PT Path Traversal
28. SCD Source Code Disclosure
29. OSCI OS Command Injection
30. CWE Common Weakness Enumeration
31. DSA Digital Signature Algorithm
32. CVSS Common Vulnerability Scoring System
33. SAST Static Application Security Testing
34. DAST Dynamic Application Security Testing
35. WAP – Web Application Protection
36. RFI Remote File Inclusion
37. DES Data Encryption Standard
38. RAT Remote Administration Tool
39. SE Social Engineering
40. SKid Script Kiddie
41. SPF – Sender Policy Framework
42. STS Security Token Service
43. DSS – Data Security Standard
44. SAML Security Assertion Markup Language

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