The Usual Arguments In Favor Of AI In The Enterprise

The Usual Arguments In Favor Of AI In The Enterprise

The Internet, newspapers, television, etc. are showing so much excitement that there is no day when we do not see or hear the word artificial intelligence (AI). Under such circumstances, companies have announced products and services that claim artificial intelligence (AI) one after another, and if they can not take a delay, they introduce artificial intelligence at an early stage and make some achievements. Are not many people thinking that they want to do it? What do you think of when you hear artificial intelligence? In the case of artificial intelligence, imagine a world where artificial intelligence overthrows humanity and threatens humanity.

Artificial intelligence is a technology for developing computer programs that simulate human intelligence. However, in addition to developing artificial intelligence that behaves like a real human being, there are also research fields for tackling problems that must be solved intelligently, rather it is the latter that has made technological progress. However, at present, there is no massive case where artificial intelligence has literally eliminated employment, and conversely, there have been a number of cases where using artificial intelligence enables humans to work more creatively, thus increasing their productivity. The tough research to make it possible for humans to do things with intelligence. This is the case with most of the artificial intelligence research that is currently being conducted. In other words, the artificial intelligence that is currently attracting attention is a productive one, not something that will harm us in the future.

Artificial intelligent entities primarily use reinforcement learning is one of the areas in which many technology companies are focusing most. We set only the reward from the state where there is no answer at all, and derive the action that is correct to the reward. For example, in the field of computer chess, we will learn how to beat the opponent by gradually incorporating the sense of having advantageous chess piece positions. Thus, it is reinforcement learning that makes artificial intelligence find the law itself and derives the correct answer to the set reward.

Where are we in the development of artificial intelligence?

Google, Microsoft, and Apple fall are at the cutting-edge of AI. They independently develop artificial intelligence that learns based on sample data and applies rules and knowledge independently. The personal digital assistants like Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant evaluate content based on an algorithm and ranks possible answers based on the context of the questions asked by the smartphone user. The three companies continue to improve their algorithm, that there is more to AI on the horizon that can practically be used by companies on a day-to-day basis for their business operations.

Enter Deep Learning

It is natural for humans to look at wheels and recognize that this is a wheel, but this was an impossible area for conventional artificial intelligence. So far, humans have had to input metadata such as the properties and shape of wheels. However, in deep learning, for example, the machine gradually recognizes wheels by reading numerous images of wheels. We will gradually add knowledge such as wheels have axles and wheels are round. By the way, artificial intelligence that has attracted the most attention in recent years is equipped with this AI deep learning and is mainly used in fields such as speech recognition and image recognition.

Speaking of AI in digital marketing, people think about measures that utilize websites and app utilization and effectiveness. To focus on attracting customers and promote sales along with it. It is not true that artificial intelligence is responsible for such measures and development. Artificial intelligence is an important part of digital marketing: large-scale routine tasks that are difficult for humans to achieve. There are many ongoing efforts to use artificial intelligence in marketing, but we will briefly introduce examples.

In addition, artificial intelligence is beginning to be incorporated into marketing automation tools, etc. Companies that have implemented marketing automation will score actions and so on to see how hot the visitors are. At first, this scoring is often determined by experience and intuition, and then it is adjusted to make scoring as accurate as possible while following the track of the purchased user. In short, it was a manual work that relies on marketers.

When using artificial intelligence to increase the effectiveness of digital marketing, it is first important to examine how to use artificial intelligence. As mentioned earlier, because there is no artificial intelligence that behaves like a human being, the tasks available with artificial intelligence are still limited. Future technological advances will increase the work that artificial intelligence can handle, but at present it is limited. The real thing that companies need to focus on is artificial intelligence, which can increase the accuracy of information by capturing large amounts of data and make quick decisions. This type is what transforms today’s business and is what blows a new wind.

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