Top 7 Best Antivirus for Android Smartphones and Tablets

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Have you ever experienced being hacked in your Android smartphones and tablets? How do you feel? If you have already experienced hacking, well, you are not alone. 

Today, there are many people who become the victim of this malware and viruses attacks nationwide. As long as you have an Internet connection, in just one click or a touch of your fingertips, you can get an access to the malicious software that has been sent on your emails, messaging, and even available to the browsing websites and advertisements. Below is the discussion of the top-rated and best antivirus for Android smartphones and tablets that could help secure and protect your smartphones and tablets. 

Most of the people who have experienced hacking, data breaching, and even loss of all their accounts through malicious software or what they called malware attacks are really angry. Yes, really it is really true. If you have experienced these malware spamming attacks, you will be determined to get the best antivirus apps that could protect your Android smartphones and tablets. 

Why you should get the best antivirus for your Android smartphones and tablets?

Yes, your smartphones and tablets are vulnerable to malware and viruses attacks because of Android’s open platform that makes it easy for hackers to attack. These malware attacks could result in data breaching for your bank accounts and credit cards, loss of photos and important files,  privacy settings and more. Mostly, these attacks can cause damage to your smartphones that you cannot repair it nor use it anymore. In order to prevent this, it is recommended to get the best antivirus apps for your tablets and Android smartphones before it is too late to save your personal accounts and devices. 

How do these antivirus apps work on your Android phones and tablets?

Just like the antivirus protection to your personal computers and laptops, they are working the same with the antivirus for Android smartphones and tablets. You will install this antivirus application to your Android device and then it will scan automatically all your files and all the installed application software that is usually downloaded unintentionally. After scanning, it will alert or notify you of the results. But, compared to the PC antivirus software that automatically eliminates viruses and malware, you will need to perform the removal manually at Android antivirus apps. You need to be patient on this and detailed enough to check the possible problems that might happen or occur in your Android phones and tablets. 

What are the best features of these apps for your Android phones and tablets?

Aside from providing security and protection against malware and viruses, the antivirus for tablets and phones could provide more bonus features that surely you will love. And one of the best features is the anti-theft controls that give you access or control to your Android phones and tablets just in case they are being lost or stolen. You can easily locate and track your phones or tablets just in case you have lost it. Also, you can remotely control your phone such as deleting the content and lock your Android device. Another great feature is the phone and message filters that automatically blacklists the unknown phone numbers or persons who are trying to contact you. There are still more features that these Android security antiviruses could offer. Such examples are the network and web monitoring feature that alerts you every time you visit the risky website or wi-fi connection, back-up your data feature, alarms and flashlights feature. If only you are very detailed in finding the best antivirus for your Android phones or tablets, surely you can find the best one, either free, paid or freemium antivirus services.

So, are you convinced now to get the best antivirus for your Android?  Here are the top 7 best antivirus for tablets and Android smartphones recommended for you! 

The top and best antivirus security app for Android smartphones and tablets in 2015, 2016 and 2017. It offers outstanding cloud-based malware detection and anti-theft services that have minimal battery impact. Offers secure VPN, remote location access just in case of loss or stolen, protect online privacy and personal information, and even taking up photos of the person who tries to open your phone. It offers the free version and the premium version which is the Comodo complete Security that offers the complete package.  Really, it is a great protection against malware, viruses, and robber attacks if you have this antivirus on your mobile.

  • Norton Mobile Security

Considered as the second because of its best for ease of use to its users. It offers features such as App Advisor that protects your Android phones and tablets to malware and other software such as ransomware and adware. It also protects your private and personal information because of its patent-protected scanning technology. It also offers wi-fi security and web security features that detect and alert you when it is dangerous or under attack network or website for your personal and financial protection purpose. The Norton Mobile Security has tools to recover your lost or stolen Android devices. It promotes free version and the premium version which costs $29.99 per year and $59.99 for 2 years. Norton Mobile Security for Android is a trusted brand that offers an effective protection that is worth your money. 

  • Avast Mobile Security 

Among other mobile security apps, this Avast Mobile Security offers the best features and considered as popular mobile security apps because of its exceptional security and protection features to Android smartphones and tablets. It offers best features such as the protection of your private information through blocking spam calls, blocking all the potential online threats(malware, viruses, etc.), remotely secure your information like locking your device and tracking its location, enhancing the performance of your Android device, and even controlling your digital habits. It offers version and also the premium version that costs $79.99 in 1 year and covers up to 10 devices.

  • Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus 

This mobile antivirus offers the best anti-phishing features. It also offer other features such as the accurate protection technologies for security, data protection for your privacy, automatic scanning and blocking of malware and other viruses, confidentiality feature, support Android Wear security management, machine learning features for new online threats, anti-theft tools, and many more. It offers a free version and premium version that costs $11.99 for 1 device in 1 year.

  • McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee mobile security is considered the best in performance optimization because of its individual security features that blocks risky websites, identity theft protection feature that offers identity monitoring and recovery tools, and safe family features that protect your family from all the online scamming and results in just one subscription. It is a software that offers features more than antivirus and perfect for family bundles. It offers an individual subscription for $34.99, a multi-device subscription for 5 devices for just $39.99, a best value household subscription for $44.99, and a small business subscription for $74.99. All of these offers are for a 1-year subscription and also they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to its customers. 

  • Sophos Mobile Security

The best free mobile security app that offers free features such as anti-malware and antivirus protection that scans apps and protect your device from viruses, loss and theft protection feature that offers remote lock and locate your device in case of loss or stolen,  spam protection that filters messages and block unwanted calls, privacy protection and security feature that detects apps that access personal data, authenticator feature that manage multiple accounts, and secure QR code scanner feature that confirms websites if free from malware and identify security issues with wifi settings. 

  • Malwarebytes for Android

The Malwarebytes for Android offers a feature that automatically identifies and deletes dangerous threats such as malware and ransomware before it can infect your Android device through the real-time protection shield. It also offers a safe browsing experience that gives you safe access to websites and alerts you when it is a dangerous website. It also performs the privacy audit for all your apps that identifies the access privilege of your apps that inform you of the sharing settings as well as keeping the apps that could monitor your device location, calls, and other hidden apps that will cost you charges. It offers a free 30 day trial of Premium and you can choose to upgrade after 30 days to Premium if you want to continue the mobile security protection. 


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