Torlock Now Wins Best In Torrent Category

Torlock Now Wins Best In Torrent Category

Most people now recognize torrents as being an excellent file-sharing protocol with the ability to download songs, movies, and other software for free. While there are several decent options these days, Torlock has been set above all the other torrents as the clear winner.

Users of Torlock can literally access everything from games to music to movies with just one click, not to mention they can download larger files to anywhere at any time. Before using Torlock, it’s important to remember torrents are considered pirating sites in many countries and are often blocked to protect copyright issues.  Nevertheless, there are still mirror links that allow access.

Why is Torlock so popular?

The Torlock application has all the best features of a torrent:

  • Users can easily download songs, movies, games, or television shows—for free.
  • Slow internet connections are not an issue during the downloading process.
  • Downloads can be stopped midway and picked up from that point. No need to start over.
  • The search engine is efficient and makes file seeking must easier.
  • There is no required registration on the website—just go there and use it.

Just remember, there are dangers involved with Torlock. Always use a VPN when accessing torrents, especially if they are frowned upon in your country.

Is Torlock blocked in your country?

If you find that Torlock is blocked in your country, you can use mirror links and the proxy server to easily unblock it. Blocked countries are the following:

  1. Finland
  2. Netherlands
  3. Denmark
  4. Italy
  5. United Kingdom


The majority of Torlock traffic comes from India. It has been ranked as the clear torrent winner and was hosted by CloudFlare Inc and CloudFlare CDN network.  Torlock works well in Google searches and has a decent PageRank according to Yandex topical citation index. It is poor on social media, but Google has confirmed that it is a fully trustworthy domain.


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